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AfDB Seminar Promotes Private Sector Development in Central Africa

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The African Development Bank Group’s Regional Department for Central Africa (ORCE) and the African Development Institute (ADI), in collaboration with the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and the Government of Gabon, launched on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 in Libreville, the country’s capital, a two-day regional seminar on “Promoting Private Sector Development within the Economic Community of Central African States”.

According to the Director of ORCE, Marlène Kanga, the meeting “was to provide an opportunity for the 10 Member States of the ECCAS, the Regional Economic Communities, the private sector and the Bank to enhance ongoing dialogue on private sector development and investment within the ECCAS”. In attendance were the Deputy Secretary General of the ECCAS, Cloutilde Nizigama, and the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the Economy, Labour and Sustainable Development, Désiré Guedon.

In an international framework marked by successive economic and financial upheavals and recurrent socio-economic demands, the question of the inclusive nature of economies is posed with acuity. This situation, with untoward consequences for Central African countries, calls for the mobilization of all stakeholders concerned to implement concrete actions capable of laying the foundations of the structural transformation of the Central African economy for its diversification. This process has to be undertaken in conjunction with private sector development.

The participants highlighted the role of the AfDB Group in promoting across-the-board growth, through its Private Sector Development Strategy 2012-2017. At the end of the seminar, participants were expected to agree on a roadmap for the implementation of the second phase of this development drive. The roadmap consists of undertaking in each Member State of the ECCAS an in-depth dialogue based on monographs prepared by ORCE within the framework of a regional study on principal investment constraints.

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