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AfDB supports Sierra Leone in Paving the Way for a Greener Growth


Sierra Leone has made impressive social and economic progress in the ten years since the Civil War ended, and has succeeded in establishing democratic institutions at both central and local level. As implementation of the 2007-2012 Development Strategy “Agenda for Change” approached completion, Sierra Leone embarked, in the summer of 2012, on preparation of a new strategy for the 2013-2017 period, “Agenda for Prosperity” (A4P).  Recognizing the country’s wealth in natural resources, both renewable (fertile land, water, fisheries and forests) and non-renewable (minerals, and potentially oil and gas), as well as the need to manage these resources responsibly and sustainably, the authorities requested the assistance of the AfDB in mainstreaming green growth in the “Agenda for Prosperity”.

The AfDB Strategy for 2013-2022 anchors inclusive growth and the transition to green growth as the long-term strategic objectives of the institution. Reflecting this important emphasis on strengthening the quality and robustness of growth on the African continent in the face of global changes, a Bank team worked directly with Sierra Leonean authorities in mainstreaming green growth into the development planning process. The main output of this work, beyond the A4P itself, is a report entitled “Towards Green Growth: Stocktaking and the Way Forward”.  The reports includes both an analysis of key green growth challenges and opportunities in Sierra Leone, and delivers recommendations for mainstreaming the green growth approach in the A4P and implementing such approach in the coming years.

Sierra Leone has articulated its own vision for green growth, focusing on three main themes: sustainable and responsible natural resource management; sustainable development of cities and infrastructure, and increased resilience. These themes were incorporated into the A4P which is hence guiding the focus of strategic support for development partners. Key development partners are supportive and looking forward to contributing to the operationalization of the green growth approach.

Moving a step further, the Bank has mainstreamed green growth in its Country Strategy Paper 2013-2017 to reflect on Government’s priorities, and with the view to support Sierra Leone in progressively transforming itself into an inclusive and green middle income economy.

The promotion of stakeholder engagement and ownership has formed a key part of the AfDB support to green growth in Sierra Leone. A targeted communication strategy has been prepared to help explain green growth in practical terms, in ways adapted to different audiences both within and outside Sierra Leone.

The Minister of Energy, Oluniyi Robbin-Coker, emphasized during the Annual Meetings in Marrakesh:“Sierra Leone’s commitment to green growth will ensure high quality growth that benefits Sierra Leoneans”. It will enhance Sierra Leone’s international reputation; and make the country’s economy more resilient and competitive, thereby creating jobs while also attracting additional development financing, including from the private sector.

Responding to demand, the AfDB is also working with Mozambique and Kenya in drafting their Green Economy Roadmap.


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