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AfDB Supports Tunisian Road Network Development


The project aims to reduce transport costs by improving the capacity of paved roads and reducing their width constraints in order to promote the development of intra- and inter-regional trade. The ADB loan will enable the rehabilitation works of 1,256 km of roads of the classified network and the widening of the roads to 7,60 m or more. Monitoring capacity of the road network and supervision of maintenance works will also be strengthened.

The project will benefit the whole country’s population, particularly the population in the West-Central (Sidi Bouzid, Siliana, Kairouan and Kesserine), the South (Kebili, Tozeur, Medenine, Gafsa) where inadequate basic infrastructure, particularly roads, has been the cause of the slow socio-economic development recorded as opposed to the coastal areas.

The project will be jointly financed by the ADB and the Tunisian Government. The Bank’s participation will cover the foreign exchange costs of the project, amounting to UA 136.16 million (TND 251.80 million) corresponding to 68% of the total cost of the project. The Government will cover the balance of the cost in local currency, namely TND 118.44 million 32% of total cost.

ADB operations in Tunisia started in 1968. To date, the ADB has committed a total amount of 1.170 billion UA, equivalent to 1.76 billion US $ for 53 operations.

Project Brief

  • Country and Name of Project: Republic of Tunisia, Classified Road Network Rehabilitation Project – Phase IV

Location: All 24 Governorates of the country

Borrower: All 24 Governorates of the country

Executing Agency:

Ministère de l'Equipement, de l'Habitat & de l’Aménagement du Territoire (MEHAT), Direction générale des ponts et chaussées (DGPC), Cité jardins - Tunis 1002, Tél. 216 (71) 280.313, Télex 13565 HABITA TN, Fax: (216) (71) 787.062, E-mail:

Procurement Arrangements:


- International competitive bidding in 3 successive batches for the rehabilitation of roads of 422.1 km, 421.1 km and 412.7 km respectively.


- International competitive bidding for the procurement of 70 utility vehicles


Martin Kakra-Kouame Phone: +216 71 10 23 96