Africa calls for a new type of leadership for her transformation

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A new type of leadership is needed in Africa if the continent is to attain structural transformation, especially in the face of major challenges including food security, population growth, sustainable development, education, health, and access to clean water and sanitation.

These were the conclusions at the closing ceremony of the high level seminar on ‘Leadership for Transformation’ at the AfDB’s 48th Annual Meetings held in  Marrakech, Morocco, from 27 to 31 May.

The participants during discussions said that the real socio-economic  transformation of Africa will only take place when the continent accepts the need for a new type of leadership in  government, business and other institutions. The participants called for the design of a prototype of new African leaders that will have the necessary competences, integrity and commitment to the well-being of the African people. These new leaders should be shining examples of public service and be uncompromising in their demands for good governance in the management of public affairs.  

Sanussi Lamido,  Governor of the Central Bank of  Nigeria, said these leaders should promote the establishment of  competent and accountable states, lay down sound  policies, and provide essential public services.

Babacar Ndiaye, past President of the AfDB,  said that to attain Africa’s development objectives, the continent’s leaders should have a sense of purpose and commitment.  

The meeting was attended by ministers, central bank governors, private sector and civil society representatives from regional and international organizations.

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