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Africa Carbon Forum (ACF)

Event location: 
Cotonou, Benin

The African Development Bank is co-organizing, together with other members of the Nairobi Framework Partnership (NFP), the 9th African Carbon Forum (ACF) hosted by the Republic of Benin, in Cotonou from 28th – 30th June, 2017.

Following up from the success of the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP) in Paris and COP 22 in Marrakesh, Parties to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) are in the process of negotiating modalities for operationalizing the Paris Agreement. In parallel, Parties are also in the process of determining transformative actions to successfully achieve the global commitment to limit temperature raise to 2oC with the aim of reaching 1.5 oC.

Over the past decade, the African Carbon Forum has provided a unique platform for Africa to engage on climate change issues on the continent.

The Forum brings together key stakeholders from the public and private sectors as well as non-Party actors from all over Africa. It also witnesses the participation of key multilateral and bilateral development Institutions and experts to discuss urgent actions needed to harness the opportunities brought about by climate change as well as address the challenges. These include: finance, technology transfer, knowledge, share experience and capacity building to build internal systems that support economic growth while safeguarding the environment.