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African Development Bank and Institute for Development Studies, University of Nigeria Nsukka, to convene seminar on “Achieving the High 5s”

Event location: 
Best Western Plus Hotel, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria

The African Development Institute (ADI) of the African Development Bank will host a seminar on the theme “Achieving the High 5s of the African Development Bank: Role of Think Tanks and other Knowledge Institutions”, in the city of Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria, from 11 -15 March 2019. The seminar is being convened in collaboration with the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, in Nigeria.

The seminar aims to address knowledge gaps in the implementation of the Bank’s High 5 priorities and to forge better collaboration between African think tanks and knowledge institutions.  The seminar will also focus on building the capacity of practitioners and institutions in the West African region to execute and deliver programmes.


The week-long seminar will emphasise two of the Bank’s High 5 priorities - “Feed Africa” and “Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa”. Seminar discussions will examine key issues under the sub-themes “Feed Africa”, “Skills Development” and “Entrepreneurship.”


 According to the Institute, few opportunities exist for brainstorming and “knowledge exchange” between Africa-based knowledge and development institutions specializing in areas directly related to the Bank’s High 5 priorities. The seminar will therefore explore strategies for making the pipeline of knowledge products produced by these institutions accessible to development practitioners across the continent. Presentations will be made in Davos-style sessions.


Seminar topics include food chain and food security, leadership and governance of institutions, skills development and entrepreneurship and measuring results/impact of knowledge institutions.

Participants will include leading think tanks and NGOs; Development Finance Institutions (Central Bank of Nigeria, Development Bank of Nigeria, Bank of Industry, Bank of Agriculture etc.); research institutions; private sector practitioners and relevant government ministries.

Lessons from this five-day meeting will lead to possible extension of similar knowledge events for the other High 5 priorities, to other countries and regions of Africa.

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