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African Development Fund Earmarks Support for Needy Zambian Children


The African Development Bank Group has decided to assist the government in its efforts to find a solution to this problem with a loan and a grant of 13.66 million Units of Account (UA*) equivalent to 20.06 million US dollars.

The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the ADB, approved in Tunis on Wednesday, the loan of 9.77 million UA, equivalent to 14.35 million US dollars and the grant of 3.89 million UA, equivalent to 5.71 million US dollars to finance the child welfare project.

The project will help provide protection to the needy children by improving access to social services such as nutrition, education and life skills opportunities as well as to provide an appropriate framework for child welfare.

The Project consists of the following components:

- Economic Empowerment of Extremely Poor Households Caring for Children through social cash transfers and Livelihood Security Support;

- Access to Basic Education and Life Skills by supporting Community Schools, Community Mobilization and Functional Education;

- Capacity building

The total cost of the project is estimated at 16.42 million UA, equivalent to 21.12 million US dollars. The ADF loan and grant will fund 83.20% of the project while the Government of Zambia will provide the remaining 16.80% of the cost.

The Bank Group’s operations in Zambia started in 1970. To date, the Group has committed a total of US$ 665.60 million on 51 operations.

Project Brief

- Name of Project: Child Welfare Project

- Location: Districts in the Southern and Western Provinces

- Estimated start-up date & duration: January 2005, 5 years

- Executing Agency: Department of Social Welfare, MCDSS, Lusaka, Zambia, Tel: (261) 22 53 27 ; FAX: (261) 23 53 42


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