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African Development Fund Supports Construction of Feeder Roads in Burkina Faso


The loan of 15.71 million Units of Account (UA), equivalent to 22.95 million US dollars was approved by the Board of Directors of the ADF in Tunis on Wednesday to finance the Feeder Roads Project.

The project will involve the improvement of 975km of feeder roads in 13 provinces of the country. This will include 865 km of cotton-farm tracks in the West and Southwest and 110 km of tracks serving the market-garden areas in the provinces of Houet and Kadiogo. It will also involve works control and supervision; as well as technical assistance to the General Directorate of feeder roads.

The feeder roads will support the rural sector, which ensures the subsistence of about 80 % of the national population, accounts for more than 30 % of the gross national product and provides at least 50% of the export earnings.

The objectives of the project are:

- To foster trade by reducing the domestic transport cost; and ii) improve the welfare of the rural populations through better access to the production areas and basic social services.

- To contribute to the development of production by opening up many cotton production and market gardening areas in the targeted 13 provinces;

- To improve the income level of the populations of the project area by enhancing the value of the surplus production resulting from improvement of the project roads;

- To facilitate the transportation of the products to the storage and selling areas by strengthening the intermediate means of transport.

Bank Group operations in Burkina Faso started in 1970. To date, cumulative commitments stand at 501.95 million UA (US$ 732.95 million) for 64 projects.

Project Information Sheet

- Name of Project: Feeder Roads Project

- Sources of financing: ADF + Government

- Estimated start-up date and duration: September 2005, 40 months

- Executing Agency: Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Housing (MITH) through the General Directorate of Feeder Roads (DGPR), 01 BP 2517 Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso, Tél.: +226 50 35 60 26

- Procurement of Goods, Works and Services:

- Goods and Works: Road works will be procured through local competitive bidding.

- Consultancy: The consultancy services required for works control and supervision, technical assistance, accounting and financial audit, as well as for monitoring/evaluation and sensitisation will be procured through competition on the basis of shortlists.

- Project Environmental Category: The project is classified in category II


Felix Njoku Phone: +216 71 10 26 12

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