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African Forestry Investment Conference (AFIC)

Event location: 
Accra, Ghana

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is co-organizing the first African Forestry Investment Conference (AFIC) in Accra, Ghana, on June 13 and 14, 2017.

The invitation-only event will bring together key players from across the financial services industry with leaders from the corporate sector, senior government officials, and civil society to discuss how new blended finance models can be developed to finance a world-class plantation-based industry in Africa. The conference aims to highlight the beneficial conditions for forestry investments in Ghana and in the region. It will showcase the key features of the recently announced US $24 million AfDB and Climate Investment Fund’s Forestry Investment Program (CIF FIP) loan the forest plantation management company Form Ghana and explore how this innovative deal can be replicated across the continent to enable large-scale reforestation of degraded land based on a sustainable business case.

For information on the workshop, please contact and visit the website:

The program is available here.

Media contactSonia Borrini , Communications, AfDB/CIF, tel. +225 2026 55 62 (Abidjan)



About the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) and the Forest Investment Program (FIP)

The AfDB is serving as an implementing agency of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). Established in 2008 as one of the largest fast-tracked climate financing instruments in the world, the US $8.3 billion CIF gives developing countries worldwide an urgently needed jump-start toward achieving low-carbon and climate-resilient development. The FIP is funded by the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF), one of the two CIF. FIP is designed to increase investments to help countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), and promote improved sustainable management of forests, leading to emission reductions and the protection of carbon reservoirs. FIP is also a vehicle to build on experience and create new means for broad-scale sharing of knowledge on REDD.

About the Form Ghana Ltd.

Form Ghana Ltd. is a forest plantation management company that provides services in the field of reforestation and plantation management. The head office is based in Sunyani and site operations are located in forest reserves near Berekum and Akumadan. During the field visit, you will be offered a close look at Form Ghana’s fully operational forest plantations, including the harvesting of Ghana’s first FSCTM certified teak.