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ALSF Management Board reviews Facility’s activities and future programs


The Management Board of the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF) met in Abidjan last week and reviewed the Facility’s work during the past year. The Board also addressed institutional matters and established priority plans for 2018.

The Effectiveness Review of the Facility’s operations was conducted in order to provide stakeholders with a broad and thorough account of the outcomes, achievements, and staff performance during 2016.

Have the Facility’s projects upheld its core values and are they aligned with the development strategies of Regional Member Countries (RMCs)? What impact have ALSF activities had on its end-users, notably African governments and legal experts? These questions guided the Facility’s Monitoring & Evaluation team. The Effectiveness review highlighted areas where ALSF’s activities were successful and where enhancements and adjustments to its operations needed be made.

Equipped with a more insightful view of the Facility’s previous work, the Board discussed and adopted the 2018 Work Plan and Budget, which outlines the broad suite of services offered by the ALSF to its RMCs, and proposed that new modules and services be added in view of the changing legal landscape of the African region. From advisory services and litigation support to the manner in which communications are conducted, all elements of the Facility’s work were subject to review in the Work Plan.

The Management Board concluded the meeting with a brainstorming session on whether to prolong the Facility’s activities beyond 2022. The ALSF was designed to operate for an ‘initial period’ of 14 years. At that point the ALSF Governing Council is entrusted with determination of the continuity of the facility. The Board was of the view that building sustainable legal capacities will not be achieved in the African region before 2022. Therefore, the Facility will continue its operations beyond the presumed limit of its initial period. Members of the Board include Dorcas Acapa (Kenya) as Chairperson, Dandi Gnamou (Benin), Bruce Montador (Canada), Amadou Dieng (Senegal) and Mahomed Rafique (Mozambique). Montador and Mahomed previously served as Executive Directors in the African Development which host the ASLF.

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