Angola: Bom Jesus-Calenga Smallholder Agricultural Development Project

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ADF Finances Project to Improve Food Security and Rural Incomes in Angola

Tunis 25 November, 2005 – Farmers in the Bom Jesus commune of Angola will receive grant financing from the African Development Fund (ADF) to support efforts aimed at improving food production in the region. The ADF Board of Directors today in Tunis approved a grant of UA 17.2 million (approximately US$ 24.86 million) to finance the Bom Jesus-Calenga Smallholder Agricultural Development Project.

The project will focus on irrigation, water, rural roads and health infrastructure, support the

Project Information Sheet -Project Location: Bom Jesus Commune (Icolo-e Bengo Municipality) and Calenga Commune (Huambo Province, Caala Municipality) -Executing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Luanda Commandante Gika Street, Cx Postal 507, Luanda, Angola Tel: +244 2 32 3224/35/41; Fax: +244 2 32 36 51 E-mail: - Commencement: June 2006 - Duration: 5 Years -Procurement: Procurement of goods, works and consultancy services financed by ADF resources will be carried out in conformity with Bank Group Rules of Procedure. The procurement of civil works (Rural Infrastructure) will be by International Competitive Bidding (ICB); Vehicles & equipment and provision of training by National Competitive Bidding (NCB); and consultancy services through competition on the basis of a short-list.

drawing up of structural plans, land surveys, and land titling in Bom Jesus, and provide funding for the propagation and development of improved seed varieties for farmers.  The project should result in a substantial increase in agricultural production in one of Angola’s potentially productive regions, and is expected to directly benefit some 11,000 households and create about 75,000 seasonal jobs. 

Over the five years of project implementation, crop production in the area is expected to attain per hectare about 2.5 tons for beans, 3 tons for maize, 20 tons for tomatoes, 20 tons for onions, 15 tons for cucumber, and 25 tons for cabbage.  Farmers in the region are also expected to obtain titles for land that is irrigated through project funding.

Three decades of conflict in Angola hit the agricultural sector so hard that the country moved from being an important exporter of agricultural commodities to a net importer. Many productive farmers became dependent on food aid.  This project is expected to contribute significantly to reversing the current state of affairs.

* 1 UC = 1.44580 $US as at 01/11/2005


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