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Assessing development effectiveness: 2017 Annual Report highlights IDEV’s contribution to the Bank’s delivery on the High 5s


The Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV) has presented its 2017 Annual Report to the African Development Bank Group Committee on Operations and Development Effectiveness.

The report entitled “Getting to Results,” is an important indicator of how well the Bank has met its operational priorities like the High 5s, improved its programmes, policies and institutional effectiveness. It was presented on 16 July 2018.

The report highlights key findings, lessons learned and recommendations drawn from eight evaluations, one comparative study and two knowledge events on private sector development completed by IDEV in 2017. It also describes some of the key challenges faced by IDEV and its strategic priorities and plans for 2018, notably in the area of learning and partnerships.

“Overall, IDEV’s 2017 evaluations found that the effectiveness of Bank-funded operations is satisfactory. Frequently observed weaknesses were in the areas of sustainability, efficiency and inclusiveness,” said Rakesh Nangia, Evaluator General at the Bank.

“Continuous investment and promoting learning at institutional level will be key to generating knowledge that can further boost development impact and improve corporate performance,” he added.

IDEV is an independent unit tasked with enhancing the development effectiveness of the Bank’s operations. By conducting independent evaluations and proactively sharing best practice, IDEV ensure that the Bank and its stakeholders learn from experience and plan and deliver development activities to the highest possible standards.

All its evaluations are publicly available on the IDEV website at

The IDEV Annual Report 2017 is available in English and French.

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Video: Introduction to the Annual Report 2017

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