Bank Group and Partner Launch Report on Budget Practices in Africa

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CAPRI-Events-2009-04-14Bank Group and Partner Launch Report on Budget Practices in Africa

The first ADB-CABRI Report on Budget Practices and Procedures in Africa was officially launched by the AfDB director of governance, Gabriel Negatu, and the Executive Secretary of the Collaborative African Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI), Neil Cole, at the CABRI Annual Meeting in Dakar, Senegal, from April 7-9,  2009.

The report is part of a joint program between the Bank’s governance department and CABRI on Good Financial Governance designed to strengthen efficiency, transparency and accountability in the management of public resources. The report analyses the OECD/CABRI survey results for 26 African countries, providing an overview of budget practices and procedures in key areas, including budget timelines, medium-term budgeting, budget execution, parliamentary oversight, off-budget spending, fiscal transparency and aid management. It constitutes an important knowledge product for budget institutions and practices in Africa and provides a basis for the setting of key priorities for budget reform on the continent.

“In this regard”, as stated by Mr. Cole in his opening speech, “the report encourages countries to reflect on how improved implementation can accelerate reforms that may be losing steam or may not be achieving set objectives. All these reforms, however, have to be home-grown in order to maximize their impact and their degree of success.”

Mr. Negatu, for his part, underscored the importance of the findings which proved that in many African countries the role of legislation within the budget process remains a key challenge. “While budget execution rules are often firmly in place,” Mr. Negatu continued, “the capacity for analysis, implementation and execution remains weak across the continent.” He emphasized in this context the Bank’s commitment to continue the capacity building of economic and financial institutions in Africa.

As a pan-African network of senior budget officials in ministries of finance and/or planning, the Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative was created as a platform to share experiences on budget reform programmes, and to contribute towards the efficacy of public finance management in Africa ( For further information, please contact: Carlos Santiso at: and/or Joachim Hoettcke at: The 2008 Report on Budget Practices and Procedures in Africa is available in English, French and Portuguese).

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