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Bank to Play Key Role in Africa PPP Conference

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The African Development Bank will once again participate and support, as it has every year since its inception, the 4th Annual Africa Public Private Partnership Conference (APPP) which takes place from November 14-16 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Following the 3rd Africa Public Private Partnership Conference, which was held in Nairobi, Kenya, and attracted 231 senior-level delegates from 25 countries, the APPP 2012 Conference promises to deliver a program featuring the industry’s most accomplished and distinguished leaders.

APPP 2012 is supported by the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission, the Government of Nigeria and the African Development Bank Group.

The event will serve as a platform for senior industry representatives, governments and their advisors, legal advisors, financial sponsors, and other professionals interested in initiating PPP projects with governments to gain unparalleled understanding, share knowledge and experiences, and to promote future PPP projects.

Through its long- and medium-term strategies and implementing departments, the AfDB is encouraging African countries to create the necessary legal and regulatory framework for PPPs, as well as facilitating networking and sharing of experience among regulatory agencies and other similar organizations.

The Bank’s Private Sector Operations Department is a key player as lender and advisor to African countries in supporting PPPs, particularly in the establishment of basic infrastructure, such as transportation, energy generation and information and communications technologies (ICT) that are essential for Africa’s economic development. Support is also channelled to enhance the scope and volume of industries and services in projects in agribusiness as an essential means of boosting long-term food security on the continent.

The Private Sector team collaborates with the AfDB’s Country and Regional Departments to identify areas of policy dialogue and interventions to support Governments of African countries to facilitate PPPs. It is also fostering and building strong development partnerships with multilateral, regional and national development banks, private sector financial institutions and other key players to support infrastructure development and PPPs on the continent.

The AfDB is also supporting capacity building in PPPs through the African Development Institute (EADI), the focal point for the AfDB Group’s capacity development activities. Capacity building activities focus on PPP techniques and processes required for expert management in key infrastructure projects, including railways, roads, energy, telecommunications, water and sewerage.

The EADI has convened several national courses on PPPs in infrastructure, which take into account the specificity of the countries and accelerate the creation of a critical mass of PPP experts in African countries, and across sectorial ministries.

In 2012, EADI has collaborated with the Bank’s Private Sector Operations, Regional Integration and Trade, Transport and Information, Communication and Technology Departments to build a critical mass of PPP champions in both the public and private sectors. This has been achieved during 2012 through the conduct of six PPP workshops in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ethiopia and Mauritius. Representatives from the Bank’s EADI and Private Sector operations will share their experiences and best practices with the conference’s delegates and main PPP stakeholders in Africa.

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