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Bank Training to Pilot Climate Safeguards System


African Development Bank (AfDB) staff is invited to attend a two-day workshop on the Bank’s new Climate Safeguards System (CSS) from 11 to 14 October 2011 in Tunis, Tunisia. CSS aims to support project teams in their efforts to mainstream climate risks into the Bank’s operations. The pilot stage of this climate screening process targets the most vulnerable sectors: agriculture, water, energy and transport. Task managers, as well as environment and climate change specialists working on these sectors, are especially encouraged to attend.

Relevant materials for the climate screening process, including a Screening Manual and the Adaptation Review and Evaluation Procedures (AREP), have been developed. These documents have been summarized in a form of booklet that will be used as a guide during the training. The first day will be an overview on the Bank’s climate screening process while the second day will be fully dedicated to the application of the screening process in specific sectors. This workshop also offers staff members an opportunity to add their input to the process. This event is being sponsored by the Bank’s Quality Assurance and Results Department.

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