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Benin Reinforces Road Network


The Board of Directors of the ADF on Wednesday in Tunis approved a loan of 7.80 million Units of Account (UA), equivalent to 11.39 million US dollars to help finance intra-city roads and ancillary projects in Benin.

The Project aims at improving the Pobe-Ketou-Illara road and living conditions of the population of the area. It is intended to improve the level of service of transport infrastructure with a view to strengthening regional economic integration and contribute to growth in national and international trade.

The projects includes:

  • Rehabilitation of 42.8 km of roads;
  • Paving, upgrading and tarring of 16.5 km of roads;
  • Building and maintenance of 254 km of earth roads;
  • Establishment of at least 4 rural water supply systems (RWS)
  • Rehabilitation and fencing of 10 classroom modules in 6 schools, construction of 1 health centre and 20 small market sheds;
  • Sensitisation of least 10,000 people on HIV/AIDS, malaria, environmental protection and road safety.

Opening up the area with a paved road and related earth roads approachable in all seasons will have an appreciably positive impact on the activities of the population. These include improvement in the conditions of transport to the markets; increase in agricultural incomes, reduction in the cost of medical evacuations, better knowledge of the risks of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria and improved access to water and sanitation services.

The Operations of the Bank Group in Benin commenced in 1972. To date, the amount committed by the Bank in Benin stands at 402.39 million UA 587.78 million US dollars in 69 operations.

Project Information Sheet

  • Name of Project: Pobe-Ketou-Illara Road Rehabilitation Project
  • Sources of financing: ADF +DANIDA +Government
  • Estimated start-up date and duration: July 2005, 39 months
  • Executing Agency: Ministry of public works & Transport (MTPT)/General Directorate of Public Works, B.P. 351 Cotonou Benin, Tel (229) 31-32-04/06, Fax: (229) 31-28 51
  • Procurement of Goods and Works:Works to upgrade the Pobe-Ketou-Illara road financed by the ADF will be procured through international competitive bidding, and maintenance works on the rural roads as well as ancillary works will be procured through local competitive bidding.Goods for monitoring ADF-financed projects will be procured through national shopping.

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