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Building Economic Management Capacity in Guinea Bissau: ADF to fund planning, data management and integration activities

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The grant will contribute to the improvement of strategic planning, public investments programming, and project aid coordination within the framework of the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), thereby enhancing the national statistical system and integration of the country into the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) (1)

The project will fund strategic planning and economic analysis, providing technical assistance and training in these areas and in the design and implementation of PRSP-related government policies. It will also contribute to modernizing economic administration by supporting the reorganization and equipping of services with a view to improving the work environment and increasing productivity.

A series of post-independence national crises in the country have weakened the national educational system and led to the exodus of qualified human resources as well as destruction of socioeconomic infrastructure. Furthermore, the poor quality of statistical data and the irregularity in their production continue to be serious constraints on the efficient management of public affairs.

The grant will help promote regional integration in the UEMOA zone through the implementation of joint policies, training programs, and the increased use of French in public administration.

The Bank Group’s operations in Guinea Bissau started in 1976. To date, the total commitment of the Group in the country stands at UA 185 million, equivalent to US$ 281.3 million for 40 operations.

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