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Burundi: Rural Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation


Tunis, 14 December, 2005 – The African Development Fund, the concessionary arm of the African Development Bank Group, will support efforts by the government of Burundi aimed at improving access to drinking water and sanitation. Towards this end, the Board of Directors of the ADF today approved a grant of 12 million Units of Account* (US$ 17 million or BIF 18 billion) to finance a Rural Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Extension Project in the country.

The country’s infrastructure, including drinking water and sanitation facilities, deteriorated to a significant extent during the long period of conflict and access to drinking water declined from 70% in 1993 to 45% in 2005.

The project will help improve the living conditions of rural communities through access to drinking water and sanitation. It is expected to contribute, in a sustainable manner, to the improvement of access to drinking water and sanitation services in 34 communes in Bururi, Gitega, Kayanza and Muramvya Provinces, and in two districts in the outskirts of Bujumbura. The project will also help strengthen national management and monitoring capacities in the rural drinking water and sanitation sector, at the central level and in 34 Communal Water Authorities in Bururi, Gitega, Muramvya and Kayanza Provinces.

The main beneficiaries of the project will be women and children, who will be spared the problems of fetching water as well as pupils and students, who will enjoy drinking water and latrines in their schools, in addition to the entire population of the project area, who will enjoy increased drinking water supply.

ADB Group operations in Burundi started in 1974. To date its commitments in the country stand at 402 billion Burundian Francs in 53 operations.

Project Brief

-   Sources of financing: ADF, government

-   Estimated start-up date: January 2006

-   Executing Agency: Directorate General for Water Supply and Rural Energy (DGHER)

-   Procurement of Goods and Services:

o  Works: ICB: rehabilitation of the REGIDESO DWS network. NCB: rehabilitation and extension works on the Bururi, Gitega, Kayanza and Muramvya networks.

o  Goods: computer and science equipment; packages of spare parts and well driller kits; vehicles, motorcycles and electricity generators; office automation equipment; and office furniture will be through national competitive bidding.

o  Short list of consultants

* UA 1 = 1.42414 US$ = 1,502.9 BIF as at 01/12/2005