Cameroon : AfDB Group Supports the Yaoundé Sanitation Project

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Cameroon : AfDB Group Supports the Yaoundé Sanitation Project

Ouagadougou, 17 May 2006 – The African Development Fund and the Government of Cameroon today in Ouagadagou signed a grant agreement of 25 million Units of Account, (equivalent to US$ 37.66 million) to finance the Yaoundé Sanitation Project in Cameroon.

The agreement was signed by Mrs. Zeinab El-Bakri, ADB Vice President of Operations, and Mr. Abah Abah Polycarpe, Minister of the Economy and Finance of Cameroon in the presence of the ADB Group president, Mr. Donald Kaberuka and Government Delegate to the Yaoundé urban council, Mr. Gilbert Tsimi Evouna .

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to poverty reduction in the urban areas. Its specific goals are to help limit the effects of floods that disrupt the city’s socio-economic activities and more so in the poor squatter areas that cover about 62.4% of the City of Yaoundé.

The operations planned were identified following consultations using the results-based management approach (RBM), with Cameroon’s development partners, administrative authorities, decentralized authorities, partners of civil society and the beneficiaries.

The project comprises the following three components: A) Sanitation infrastructure development; (i) construction of a 4.32 km long trapezoidal canal; (ii) cleaning and scouring of three underground collectors (2.35 km) ; iii) construction of two access gangways to enable people to cross the canal; iv) construction of a rail bridge, a bridge for light vehicles, support structures and pipeline crossing; v) construction of 4 disposal structures at the level of the confluences which empty into the canal ; vi) construction of mechanical rakes at the top end of the canal to prevent them from being clogged by solid waste in the future; vii) implementation of maintenance passages on either side of the canal; B) Capacity building of key partners including NGOs and the private sector and; C) Project management.

The project will have a direct and immediate impact on poverty reduction by improving the health of people, creating about 1350 direct jobs and 2350 indirect jobs during the 4-year implementation phase and reducing the unemployment rate especially among youths. The actions planned within the project context will also bring about increased empowerment of the most vulnerable population groups (women and youths), a better organization of urban communities as well as the promotion of small operators (jobbers, craftsmen, day laborers, SMEs and NGOs.

The African Development Bank Group operations in Cameroon started in 1972. To date, its commitments in the country stand at CFA 623 billion in 57 operations.

Project Information Sheet

- Sources of financing: ADF & Government

- Estimated start-up date and duration:  April 2006, 4 years

- Executing Agency: Yaoundé Urban Community

- Procurement of Goods and Services: 

o Works: ICB with prequalification of firms: construction of the Mfoundi Canal and of the three mechanical rakes to  protect the canal; LCB: Works to clean the three main drains of Mfoundi, Ekozoa and Djoungolo and related works

o Goods: LCB

o Short list of consultants

* UA 1 = US$ 1.47106 = CFA 769.687 as at 17/05/2006


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