Cameroon Secures US$ 66 Million ADF Loan for Road Project

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Tunis, 15 November 2006 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, will support the development of road infrastructure project in Cameroon with the approval of a loan of 44.70 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to US$ 66.15 million to finance the Numba-Bachuo Akagbe Road Development Project in the South West Province of the country.

The project aims at improving the road by developing a permanent link between the two localities as part of efforts to boost socio-economic amenities, as well as the state of feeder roads in order to improve the living and working conditions of the population.

The project is expected to contribute to the quantitative and qualitative improvement of the country’s transport infrastructure; particularly its classified road network in order to meet the country’s needs and assure its strategic position in the Central African sub-region.

The Components of the project are as follows:

  • Road Development involving the development and tarring of the Numba-Bachuo Akagbe section (50 km), environmental impact mitigation measures,  sensitization on STI-HIV/AIDS, malaria, road safety, as well as  inspection and supervision activities.
  • Ancillary Works including the development of feeder roads and rehabilitation of social amenities, sinking of boreholes, construction of market sheds and provision of equipment for processing farm produce, as well as intermediate means of transport.
  • Development of rest areas for drivers and parking of vehicles, sensitization and training of women’s groups in the management of machines and equipment for the processing of farm produce and inspection and supervision activities. 
  • Institutional Support and Project Management: Managing the operating costs of ADB Projects Monitoring Unit (CSEP-BAD), provision of equipment for CSEP-BAD, monitoring-evaluation of project impact and accounting, as well as financial auditing.

The project will improve road safety and the comfort of travelers, reduce transport costs and travel time between localities, increase opportunities for temporary employment for the local community, revitalize micro-enterprises such as workshops for the repair of vehicles, retail points for foodstuffs, restaurants, garages, and facilities for access to periodic foodstuff markets. It will also improve the health of local residents and provide access to major employment poles or economic activities in the sub-region. On the whole, the project will help to reduce poverty and improve the environment and living conditions of the population. Women will be the major beneficiaries of the project. Furthermore, the sub-region’s integration will be enhanced through direct links between Cameroon and Nigeria, as well as other countries in the sub-region.

The estimated cost of the project is UA 53.80 million. The ADF loan will finance 83.09% of the cost. The Government and the beneficiary communities will finance the remaining 16.64% and 0.27% of the total cost respectively.

The AfDB Group began operations in Cameroon in 1972. The Bank’s cumulative commitments in the country currently stand at US$ 1.030 billion in 71 operations.

Project Brief

  • Name of Project: Numba-Bachuo Akagbé Road Development Project.
  • Location: Momo and Manyu Divisions
  • Executing Agency: Ministry of Public Works (MINTP) /Department of Road Investments and Maintenance / ADB Project Implementation Monitoring Units, Yaounde, Cameroon, Tel: +237 222-15-90 or 222-14-08 /222 22 94; Fax: +237 222-16-09/222 22 94; email:
  • Estimated Starting Date: February 2007.
  • Duration: 53 months
  • Procurement: Procurement of goods and works and procurement of consultancy services financed from ADF resources will be in accordance with the Bank’s Rules of Procedure for Procurement of Goods and Works or Rules of Procedure for Use of Consultants, as appropriate, and the Governments Procurement Rules.

* 1 UA = 1.48004 US$ = 764,682 CFAF as at 15/11/2006

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