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Kenya: African Development Bank Group approves loans of €209m for expansion of ‘Great North Road’

03-Oct-2019 - The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group has approved loans of around €209 million to fund the expansion of a highway that links major economic hubs in Kenya. The approval was granted on 26 September during a meeting at the Bank’s headquarters in Abidjan. The total project cost is €257.68 million, of which €178.02 million (69%) will be financed by the Bank Group, while 12% will come from the Africa Growing Together Fund, set up by the Bank and the People’s Bank of China in 2014. The remaining 19% will be financed by the...

Tchad : la Banque africaine de développement approuve un prêt de 18 millions d’euros pour le projet de centrale solaire de Djermaya

01-Oct-2019 - Le Conseil d’administration de la Banque africaine de développement a approuvé, le jeudi 26 septembre, un prêt de 18 millions d’euros ainsi qu’une Garantie partielle de risque (GPR), pour la mise en place de la centrale solaire de Djermaya au Tchad.

Le Bureau de suivi du Plan Sénégal émergent et le Delivery Unit du Maroc partagent leurs expériences à la Banque africaine de développement

01-Oct-2019 - Le Bureau opérationnel de suivi du Plan Sénégal émergent (BOS-PSE) et le Delivery Unit du Maroc (DU) ont partagé, lundi dernier à Abidjan, leur savoir-faire dans le suivi de l’exécution des projets.

First West Africa Fertilizer Financing Forum, hosted by African Development Bank, opens in Abidjan

01-Oct-2019 - “Effective partnerships for financing are key to the fertilizer sector growth.” Bank Vice President Pierre Guislain   Actors in West Africa’s fertilizer industry emphasized the need to financially support the fertilizer value chain to improve agricultural productivity in the region. Agriculture ministers, development partners and private sector leaders made the call during the opening ceremony of the first West Africa Fertilizer Financing Forum in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, on Monday 30 September.

Bénin : la Banque africaine de développement prête 61 millions d’euros pour l’assainissement pluvial de Cotonou

27-Sep-2019 - Le Conseil d’administration de la Banque africaine de développement a approuvé, ce jeudi à Abidjan, un prêt de 61 millions d’euros au Bénin pour la mise en œuvre du Projet d’appui au programme d’assainissement pluvial de Cotonou (PAPC), la capitale économique du pays étant sujette régulière à des inondations.

UNGA 2019: Hands off our girls! African first ladies take campaign against rape, early child marriage, to UN General Assembly

27-Sep-2019 - Africa’s first ladies, led by Sierra Leone Fatima Maada Bio brought their campaign to ban early child marriage and sexual violence against women and girls before a global stage in a passionate appeal for the world to support their “Hands Off Our Girls! Campaign. In a no-holds barred conversation organized on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly Wednesday, Bio flanked by her husband President Julius Bio, spoke to “lift the lid of silence” taboo and stigma surrounding rape and early marriage in Sierra Leone and other parts of the continent.

Bénin : la Banque africaine de développement accorde un prêt de 61 millions d’euros pour électrifier 300 communes rurales

27-Sep-2019 - Le Conseil d’administration de la Banque africaine de développement a approuvé, ce jeudi, un prêt de 61,77 millions d’euros en faveur du gouvernement du Bénin pour la mise en œuvre du Projet d’électrification rurale (PERU) à destination de 309 communes.

The Bank Group’s swears in its new sanctions commissioners

27-Sep-2019 - On 10 September 2019, two experts with more than 35 years of combined experience in the legal field were sworn in as the Bank Group’s new sanctions commissioner and alternate sanctions commissioner. The swearing-in ceremony of Justin Wanjala and Justice Niyungeko, was chaired by Senior Vice President Charles Boamah, in the presence of members of the Board of Directors, the General Counsel and the Secretary General.

UNGA 2019: Young Africans will “produce the magic” says AU chief as the UN sounds warning on Sustainable Development Goals

26-Sep-2019 - Leaders should devise an “incentive structure” to promote a startup culture among young Africans. “I think they will produce the magic,” Albert Muchanga, the African Union’s Commissioner for Trade and Industry, told a gathering on infrastructure at the United Nations on Wednesday. Muchanga said colleagues were working to “harmonise our policies, rules and regulations” to smooth cross-border trade while focusing on the next generation.

Présentation à Tunis des opportunités d’affaires de la Banque africaine de développement en Afrique du Nord

26-Sep-2019 - La Banque africaine de développement organise, les 3 et 4 octobre prochains à Tunis, un atelier de présentation de ses opportunités d’affaires. Cet évènement entend offrir aux opérateurs privés et publics nord-africains un cadre d’échange permettant de renforcer le dialogue et d’identifier de nouvelles opportunités d’investissement et de financement. Un séminaire qui verra notamment la participation de petites et moyennes entreprises issues des secteurs de l’industrie, du génie civil, des travaux publics et du conseil.

African Development Bank debars On-Track Technical Services Limited for 18 months for fraudulent practices

26-Sep-2019 - The African Development Bank Group on 26 September 2019 announced the debarment of On-Track Technical Services Limited, a Uganda-registered engineering company, for 18 months after it found the company to be engaged in fraudulent practices.

Guinée : la Banque africaine de développement accorde un crédit de 8 millions de dollars à Vista Bank pour aider les PME agricoles

26-Sep-2019 - Le Conseil d’administration de la Banque africaine de développement a donné son feu vert, mardi 24 septembre, à l’octroi d’une ligne de crédit de 8 millions de dollars américains au groupe bancaire Vista Bank en Guinée (Conakry).

UN General Assembly 2019: Scaling Up Nutrition Lead Group meets to chart way forward

25-Sep-2019 - “Energy, passion and a lot of young people who care about nutrition” will underpin the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement’s newest phase, alongside stronger private sector engagement, members of the Lead Group heard on Tuesday. The meeting of the group’s leaders took place at the UNICEF headquarters in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. The participants met to decide on the continuation of the SUN Movement into its third phase (2021-2025) and to make commitments to achieve its key objective – to eliminate all forms of...

UNGA 2019: Sahel threats necessitate ‘global response’: Issoufou

25-Sep-2019 - Niger's President Mahamadou Issoufou called on Sunday for a "global response" to the problems of land degradation that threaten the arid Sahel belt. Addressing a meeting of the Climate Commission for the Sahel Region at the United Nations, Mahamadou said the region's 250 million people are struggling with drought, desertification and other impacts of climate change. "The situation in the Sahel has global stakes, and it requires a global response," said Issoufou.

Sénégal : la Banque africaine de développement approuve plus de 22 millions d’euros à la BNDE pour soutenir les PME et la création d’emplois en zone rurale

25-Sep-2019 - Le Conseil d'administration de la Banque africaine de développement a approuvé, mardi 24 septembre à Abidjan, une ligne de crédit de 22,5 millions d’euros, dont 15 millions de ressources de la Banque et 7,5 millions de ressources de Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF: Fonds de cofinancement Banque africaine de développement et Banque Populaire de Chine), pour soutenir la Banque nationale pour le développement économique (BNDE) du Sénégal.

UNGA 2019: African Development Bank to help boost climate change adaptation funding to $12.5bn

25-Sep-2019 - African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina on Tuesday pledged to boost funding commitments by $12.5bn to help countries adapt to the effects of climate change between 2020 and 2025. Addressing UN talks on climate change adaptation, Adesina said the Bank was doubling commitments to climate finance to $25bn for the five-year period, half of which would fund climate adaptation.

UNGA 2019: No room for coal in Africa’s renewable future: Akinwumi Adesina

25-Sep-2019 - African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina on Tuesday unveiled ambitious plans to scrap coal power stations across the continent and switch to renewable energy at United Nations climate talks on Monday.  Addressing a gathering of leaders and officials from almost 200 countries in New York, Adesina outlined efforts to shutter coal-fired power plants and build the "largest solar zone in the world" in the arid Sahel belt.

UNGA 2019: Women are “Africa’s tigers” says Congolese First Lady as African Development Bank touts $3bn fund

25-Sep-2019 - African women are on the cusp of securing gender equality. “We are convinced that the moment for African women has now come,” said Antoinette Sassou Nguesso, the First Lady of the Republic of Congo. Nguesso made the remarks on Tuesday at a meeting of the Organization of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD) on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. “The tiger doesn’t claim its tigerhood, and it has to act like a tiger,” Nguesso, president of OAFLAD, said in French via an interpreter.

UN General Assembly: strong plea to boost food security through South-South cooperation

25-Sep-2019 - Leaders gathering for the United Nations General Assembly from 17-30 September 2019 in New York have made a strong plea for enhanced South-South cooperation to strengthen food security during a session co-hosted by the African Development Bank. Speaking as part of this session on the role of South-South cooperation to achieve sustainable development for food security, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank, issued a call for rapid and immediate action.

African Development Bank at the 2019 United Nations General Assembly

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