CAR - Building Capacity for Economic Planning

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Tunis, 21 July 2006 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional arm of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, on Friday in Tunis, approved a grant of 3.30 million Units of Account (UA*) equivalent to US$ 4.88 million, to finance the rehabilitation of the Economic Planning Capacity Project (PARCPE)in the Central African Republic (CAR).

The objective of the project is to build the capacity of Government services in macro-economic and sectoral planning,  monitoring the poverty reduction strategy, debt management, preparation of national accounts and collection of social data. These activities will contribute to rehabilitating  the country’s development planning system.

The following outputs are expected from the project:

-  Capacity-building in economic policy formulation and implementation through mastery of decision-making and macro-economic planning tools and a more efficient public investment programming system;

-  Implementation and monitoring of the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRSP) in tandem with the State budget and the sectoral priorities of poverty reduction;

-  Implementation of an operational debt management system;

-  Training and effective transfer of economic planning know-how to the managerial staff of the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and International Cooperation (MEPCI) and Ministry of Finance and the Budget (MFB), through technical assistance;

-  Help in restoring the logistical capacity of the administration, through enhanced logistical support and through the provision of vehicles, installation of IT equipment and the setting up of a documentation center to facilitate the designing of decision-making aids;

-  Design database and provide data to update national accounts and monitor the implementation of PRSPs and MDGs;

-  Publish statistics on the prices of goods and services regularly;

-  Prepare accounts (provisional) for 2006 to 2008, and final accounts for 1999-2005 prepared;

-  Implementation of UN System of National Accounts, 1993 version (SNA93) from the end of 2007.

The overall project cost is estimated at UA 3.66 million, equivalent to US$ 5.41 million. The ADF grant will cover 90 % of the project. The government will provide the remaining 10 % amounting to UA 0.36 million.

The ADB Group operations in CAR started in 1972. To date, its commitments in the country stand at US$ 180.49 million in 26 operations.

Project Brief

-  Name of Project: Support to the Rehabilitation of Economic Planning Capacity.

-  Location: Countrywide

-  Start Up Date: 4th Quarter of 2006

-  Duration: 30 months

-  Executing Agency: Coordination team within the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and International Cooperation (MEPCI).

-  Procurement of goods and services: Procurements financed with ADF resources shall be made in accordance with the ADF’s rules of procedure on procurement or, as the case may be, the Bank’s rules of procedure for the recruitment of consultants, using the relevant Bank standard bidding documents.

* 1 UA = USD 1.47937 as at 21/07/2006


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