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Casamance Rural Development Support Project


Tunis, 19 October 2005 - The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the soft loan window of the African Development Bank Group, today in Tunis approved a loan of 20 million Units of Account* (US$ 30 million or CFA 24 billion) to finance the Casamance Rural Development Support Project in Senegal.

The project falls within the framework of the Program to revive economic and social activities in Casamance put in place by the Government and supported by the donor community, with a view to bolstering the process of return of peace in the region.

With a duration period of five years, the project seeks to support rural development through the conservation and development of "water, soil and forest" resources currently under serious threat. It is expected that it will increase agricultural output on a sustainable basis.

It will contribute to the protection and development of 35 rice-growing valleys threatened by salt (13,500 ha), and to improved control of surface water covering about 1,000 ha (lowlands, ponds, market gardens, orchards, etc.). The project will also ensure the protection and conservation of the natural environment (500 ha of forests, 1,000 ha of mangrove, 200 km of fire-breaks, 800 ha of lands treated through erosion control methods). It will provide organizational support and assistance to over 500 village committees and farmers' organizations, advisory support and extension services for over 14,000 farms as well as support to the structuring and organization of various production sub-sectors, alongside with the construction/rehabilitation and equipment of 180 classrooms and 16 health centers.

Bank Group operations in Senegal started in 1972. To date, its commitments in the country stand at US$ 980 million (CFA 517 billion) in 76 operations.

Project Brief

" Sources of financing: ADF, Government, beneficiaries

" Estimated start-up date and duration: January 2006, for 5 years

" Executing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, BP 4005, Dakar, Senegal, Tel.: +221 849 70 00 or 823 39 74, Fax: +221 823 32 68

" Procurement of Goods and Services:

o International competitive bidding for new large salt control dams

o Local competitive Bidding: Works: new small salt control dams; works on existing salt control dykes, strengthening of dykelets; soil improvement; irrigation and pastoral schemes (ponds, lowland developments, small dams); market gardening and orchards block works, construction of access roads, buildings; construction of schools and health centers; Goods: all equipment components;

o Shortlist of consultancy firms: studies and works monitoring; technical assistance; specialized consultancy services, training activities; supervision of the population for participatory development works; extension services; implementation of the accounting system and audit services.

* UA 1 = US$ 1.44946 = CFA 789.556 as at 01/10/2005


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