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Conference on "Contracting-Out Core Government Functions and Services in Fragile and Post-Conflict Situations"

Event date: 
07-Jun-2009 00:00 to 08-Jun-2009 23:45
Event location: 
Tunis, Tunisia
Jointly organised by: The OECD Partnership for Democratic Governance (PDG), African Development Bank (AfDB)

To consolidate their state building, countries emerging from conflict or which are fragile, must have one or two functioning key sectors or services -- Public Finance Management, procurement, customs, taxation, security, audit, water, health and education, for example. When governments cannot deliver these services directly, bilateral and multilateral donors typically help by contracting out core government functions and services for a limited period of time. Contracting out raises several questions: ensuring an equitable delivery of services to the population; respecting Aid Effectiveness principles, and finding the balance between.meeting short-term urgent needs and ensuring longer-term sustainable state building.   

Invited international participants from the OECD Partnership for Democratic Governance  and from the African Developent Bank (AfDB) as well as from leading enterprises and businesses associations and civil society organizations experienced in delivering key public services in fragile countries, multi-lateral and donor organizations, will meet to examine how to support state building and capacity development in post-conflict and fragile situations. Participants will assess contracting experiences in fragile and post-conflict situations and, on the basis of their conclusions, propose a series of policy recommendations for developing countries’ governments and the international community, decision makers and stakeholders on contracting non-state actors to perform public functions and deliver basic public services in post-conflict and fragile states.

This conference will thus broaden our understanding of contracting-out core government functions and services in fragile and post-conflict situations and contribute to making them conducive to capacity development and state-building.

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