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Bank Group President and colleagues bid farewell to outgoing Vice President Pierre Guislain

03-Dec-2019 - The African Development Bank, on Thursday, bid farewell to retiring Vice-President for the Private Sector, Infrastructure and Industrialization, Pierre Guislain. Hosted by Bank President Akinwumi Adesina​, and attended by senior management and Board members, VP Guislain was honoured for his outstanding leadership, pragmatism and humility during his tenure at the Bank.

African Development Bank launches digital tool to help African youth learn to code

03-Dec-2019 - The African Development Bank and technology firm Microsoft today launched the ‘Coding for Employment’ digital training platform, an online tool to provide digital skills to African youth, wherever they are across the continent. The platform, launched at the 2019 African Economic Conference in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, aims to promote a continuous learning culture among young people and build their capacity to shape the continent’s future.

Conférence économique africaine 2019 - A Sharm el-Cheikh, l’emploi et le développement des capacités des jeunes africains, au cœur des débats

03-Dec-2019 - Plus de 350 parties prenantes convergent vers Charm el-Cheikh en Égypte, pour participer à la Conférence économique africaine (AEC) de 2019 qui porte cette année, sur les questions liées à l’emploi, à la compétence et au développement des capacités des jeunes africains.

2019 African Economic Conference: A clarion call for bolder action to tackle Africa’s youth jobs crisis

02-Dec-2019 - The 2019 African Economic Conference (AEC) opened in the Egyptian resort city of Sharm El Sheikh on Monday with a call on African policymakers to take bold steps to tackle red-tape and high startup costs  in order to create decent and well-paying jobs for the continent’s youth. Addressing the opening plenary of the three-day conference, Egypt’s Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Sahar Nasr said the conference provided a critical platform to address the challenges of jobs for the youth on the continent.

African Economic Conference 2019 – participants converge on Sharm El Sheikh to debate jobs, skills and capacity development for Africa’s youth

02-Dec-2019 - More than 350 stakeholders are converging on Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, to participate in the 2019 African Economic Conference (AEC), with this year’s focus on jobs, skills and capacity development for Africa’s youth. The three-day conference, from 2-4 December, brings together researchers, youth representatives, business leaders, policymakers and media representatives from Africa and around the globe – to hammer out policies and strategies for successful inclusive growth and job creation in the region.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange, allies, join hands with African Development Bank to spur cross-border investments in Africa

29-Nov-2019 - The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), working with seven African exchanges, the African Development Bank and the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) hosted the African Exchange Linkage Project (AELP) Engagement Forum, designed to bolster investments into the continent.

Hola, Madrid! African Development Bank takes the continent’s climate agenda to COP25 in Spain

29-Nov-2019 - The African Development Bank will on Monday kick off a campaign to present the continent’s case at the world’s leading climate change conference.

Guinea-Bissau: African Development Bank presents the Lusophone Compact to private sector at Economic Forum

29-Nov-2019 - The African Development Bank presented the Lusophone Compact to the private sector in Guinea-Bissau last month, during an event at the national Economic Forum. The Lusophone Compact, a financing platform involving the African Development Bank, Portugal, and the six Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa (PALOPs), provides risk mitigation, investment products and technical assistance to accelerate private sector development in Lusophone African countries (Angola, Cabo Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and...

Nigeria: African Development Bank approves $210 million financing for Transmission Expansion Project

29-Nov-2019 - The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group has approved a $210 million financing package to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for the Nigeria Transmission Expansion Project (NTEP1), which seeks to rehabilitate and upgrade the nation’s power lines and improve distribution and supply. 

Maroc : la Banque africaine de développement mobilise 100 millions d’euros en faveur du Fonds d’équipement communal pour renforcer l’attractivité des territoires et consolider la dynamique d’industrialisation

29-Nov-2019 - Le Conseil d'administration de la Banque africaine de développement a approuvé, ce jeudi, une ligne de crédit de 100 millions d’euros en faveur du Fonds d’équipement communal (FEC) afin de financer de nouveaux projets d’investissement et d’équipements collectifs au Maroc. Ces projets portés par les collectivités locales sont destinés à améliorer la qualité des services publics, notamment dans les zones rurales, et à développer de nouvelles activités économiques et industrielles au niveau local.

Conférence sur la politique foncière en Afrique : pour un accès équitable et une utilisation efficace et durable des terres pour les jeunes.

29-Nov-2019 - Des spécialistes des questions liées à la jeunesse et au genre ont exploré, ce mercredi, différentes approches pour garantir une gouvernance foncière responsable, prenant en compte les jeunes, et sensible au genre dans la transparence de gestion, lors d’une séance interactive de la 3ème Conférence sur la politique foncière en Afrique, qui se tient cette semaine à Abidjan.

Donors to announce financing package for Africa’s low-income countries as ADF-15 Replenishment concludes

29-Nov-2019 - What: 15th Replenishment of the African Development Fund (ADF) Who: The African Development Fund, Donor Governments When: 4-5 December 2019 Where: African Pride Irene Country Lodge, Centurion, South Africa   Representatives of donor governments will meet from 4-5 December in Centurion, South Africa, to conclude the 15th Replenishment of the African Development Fund (ADF) with a financing package for Africa’s low-income countries for the period 2020-2022.

Conférence sur la politique foncière en Afrique : créer les conditions favorables à un meilleur cadre institutionnel

27-Nov-2019 - Les États du continent africain doivent renforcer leurs institutions et financer la gouvernance foncière en Afrique : cette thématique était au cœur des débats d’une session organisée, ce mardi 26 novembre, à la 3ème édition de la Conférence sur la politique foncière en Afrique, qui se tient actuellement à Abidjan, capitale de la Côte d’Ivoire.

Sommet mondial sur le genre à Kigali : les entrepreneures africaines plaident pour des prêts à taux réduits

27-Nov-2019 - Les entrepreneures africaines, présentes en grand nombre à la 4ème édition du Sommet mondial sur le genre à Kigali, ont appelé, ce mercredi, les institutions financières à leur accorder des prêts à taux réduits pour le financement de leurs projets.

Land policy in Africa: Expert panel calls for "fair, efficient land management"

27-Nov-2019 - Experts attending this year’s conference on Land Policy in African have called for fair and efficient land management to support moves to transform the continent. The third edition of the conference on Land Policy in Africa, currently underway in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan is co-organized by the African Union, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the African Development Bank.

Conference on Land Policy in Africa: re-thinking land reform

26-Nov-2019 - Improving the agrarian system to ensure a decent livelihood for small farmers was the focus of the deliberations during a session entitled “Re-thinking land reform in Africa: New ideas, possibilities and challenges” at the 3rd Conference on Land Policy in Africa taking place in Abidjan. As Horman Chitongue, Professor at University of Cape Town, South Africa, stated: “It’s a question of guaranteeing the means for people working the land to have a livelihood from it, so that these farmers can not only work, but actually live from their work.”  

Sommet mondial sur le genre à Kigali : il faut promouvoir la parité dans le secteur énergétique pour lutter contre le changement climatique, selon des experts

26-Nov-2019 - Des spécialistes des questions énergétiques ont plaidé, ce mardi, en faveur d’une parité du genre dans les secteurs liés à l’énergie afin de lutter efficacement contre le changement climatique, lors du Forum sur le genre, qui se tient jusqu’au 27 novembre à Kigali, capitale du Rwanda.

Bring women to the table to build peace in Africa, say gender experts

26-Nov-2019 - Women bear the brunt of conflict and for peace building to be successful they must be involved in conflict resolution and reconstruction at every stage, said gender experts at the 2019 Global Gender Summit in Kigali on Tuesday. Speakers at a plenary session on peacebuilding called for home-grown solutions to conflict and the participation of women in policy and decision making at local, national and regional levels.

2019 Global Gender Summit: African Development Bank, partners officially launch AFAWA Risk Sharing Facility

26-Nov-2019 - The African Development Bank’s Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) programme gained momentum with significant support from commercial banks and a $1 million commitment from the government of Rwanda. The Bank and partners officially launched AFAWA Risk Sharing Facility, on Monday, at a press conference held during the 2019 Global Gender Summit currently underway in Kigali, Rwanda.