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Delhi Sustainable Development Summit Maintains Momentum on Climate Change in Run-up to Mexico


The three-day 10th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, held at Taj Palace, New Delhi, India ended on February 7, 2010, with participants calling for a global concerted effort to bring about a consensus on the Copenhagen Agreement through the science of climate change within an ethical framework.

The summit, which was held on the theme: “Beyond Copenhagen: new pathways to sustainable development”, emphasized the overarching need for the global community to meet the challenge of burden-sharing and clear responsibilities between developed and the developing nations. Over 300 participants, including heads of state, ministers and representatives of multilateral and bilateral development organizations, governments, the corporate sector, non-governmental organizations, academic and research institutions participated in the summit.

The summit recognized the need to create a new energy future, highlighting the role of renewable energy. It was agreed that the transition to a clean technology society will not be led by a single country, calling on all nations to work together in developing practical technologies.