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29/05/2013 - Political leaders, finance experts have expressed the need to give priority to Africa’s premier resource, its people through good governance and the use of proceeds from natural resources to train and build capacity for sustainable development.

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  • From: 27/02/2013
  • To: 28/02/2013
  • Location: Maputo, Mozambique

The African Development Bank, in collaboration with the Government of Mozambique, is organizing a high-level policy seminar on the theme “Managing Revenues and Optimizing the Benefits of Coal and Gas Resources in Mozambique” in Maputo from February 27-28, 2013. This seminar takes place against the backdrop of Mozambique’s recent experience in a boom in extractive industries which are expected to accelerate in the coming years as recent discoveries have confirmed coal and gas reserves estimated at 25 billion tons and between 50 and 70 trillion cubic feet, respectively. Seismic activities in the discovery areas of gas, in the Rovuma off-shore basin, suggest that possible gas reserves could actually exceed 120 trillion cubic feet.

Categories: Mozambique, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

01/11/2012 - Countries have the sovereign responsibility and their citizens expect them to use their natural resources responsibly, Roger Nord, the Deputy Director, IMF Africa Department, said on Wednesday, October 31, at the ongoing African Economic Conference in Kigali, Rwanda.

Categories: Rwanda, Energy & Power, Economic & Financial Governance, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

16/05/2012 - Mining is such a key sector in the African economy that more than half its countries export some major mineral commodity, and for 13 of those countries, mineral exports account for at least half of export revenues.

Categories: Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

12/04/2012 - Africa is not cashing in enough from its large gold resources, despite the spiralling price of the precious metal over recent years, according to a working paper published by the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Categories: Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

16/02/2012 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has approved a loan of €11.7 million euros (FCFA 7.7 billion) to Niger from the African Development Fund, its concessional or ‘soft loan’ arm, to finance better governance and boost inclusive economic growth in the country.

Categories: Niger, Economic & Financial Governance, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

  • From: 02/03/2011
  • To: 03/03/2011
  • Location: Paris

The African Development Bank is participating in the 5th Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Global Conference in Paris from 2 – 3 March 2011. Leaders from governments, companies and civil society organizations will share views on how EITI has created a platform for dialogue, built trust, improved governance and enhanced the business environment in EITI countries. Together hundreds of EITI stakeholders will address future challenges and EITI’s future prospects.

Categories: France, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Sector Operations

08/10/2010 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) will support Mozambique’s efforts to improve its extractive industries operations following the signing of a USD 350,000 grant agreement by the two sides on Tuesday, 5 October 2010 in Maputo.

Categories: Mozambique, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

19/02/2009 - The Africa Development Bank (AfDB) Group has reiterated its commitment to help improve extractive industries governance in the institution’s African member countries in support of their efforts to manage public resources efficiently for development.

Categories: Qatar, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

10/12/2008 - The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) authorized a financing package for the USD 6.3 billion Guinea bauxite mine and alumina refinery project in Guinea.

Categories: Guinea, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Financial Crisis

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