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Foreign Investments Target Uganda’s Mining Sector

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The ADF grant will be utilized to finance the procurement of goods and services for Airborne Geophysical Surveys (airborne data acquisition, compilation of information on surface and sub-surface geology, data processing, interpretation, quality control and publication of these data). It will also finance Laboratories and Geological Storage (procurement of relevant equipment for providing support services to mineral exploration and exploitation programs as well as setting up of rock sample labs and museum). The grant will establish five Seismological Stations in order to monitor seismic activities in the country, and finance Training Activities (formal training courses, on the job-training, short courses and university courses).

These outputs of the Mineral Resources Management and Capacity Building Project will encourage expansion of private investment in the mineral sector in a socially and environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

The attraction of local and foreign private investments to promote mining growth and reduce poverty in rural areas is a key priority of the Ugandan Government. To achieve this objective, the Government has formulated and adopted a strategy to reform the legal and regulatory framework of the mineral sector to establish an environment that is attractive to private investment. Within the framework of this strategy, the Government is committed to shift the role of the State from controller and operator to regulator, facilitator and promoter of sustainable minerals development, while opening up the sector to private investment, including foreign and local small-scale miners.

The Bank Group operations in Uganda started in 1968. To date, the Group has committed a total amount of approximately US$ 1.22 billion.

Project Information Sheet

- Name of Project: Mineral Resources Management and Capacity Building Project (MRMCB)

- Sources of financing: ADF +IDA +NDF +Government

- Duration: 5 years

- Executing Agency: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Tel: +256 41 320559 or +256 31 262 902, Fax: +256 41 320346, E-mail: or

- Procurement of Goods and Works: Airborne Geophysical Survey (Shortlist), Laboratory and Seismology equipment (International Shopping) and Training (others), etc.


Chawki Chahed Phone: +216 71 10 27 02
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