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G8 Applauds Work on Post-Conflict and Fragile States by the African Development Bank


Calls on AfDB and the World Bank to implement Energy Access Plan for Africa

Tunis, 15 June 2007 – The Group of Eight (G8) industrial nations have welcomed the current work of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group on post-conflict and fragile states.  In a statement on Friday to the Bank’s Board of Directors, Alternate Executive Director Lily Talapessy, speaking on behalf of the German G8 Presidency, said the G8 had also called on the AfDB and the World Bank to implement the Energy Access Action Plan for Africa.

The statement pointed out that an appeal had been made to the Bank to support country-driven harmonization processes in the health sector.

It underscored the fact that "Germany had benefited greatly from the Bank’s input" and promised that the German government "will make use of this investment of time and energy for the benefit of the continent".  The statement said that Germany would, as of 2008, increase its development funding by 750 million euros each year, with the majority of that money going to Africa.

Ms. Talapessy emphasized the fact that the dialogue between the G8 and Africa as partners had matured, pointing out that a joint forum for dialogue, the Africa Partnership Forum (APF), had been created, including African and G8 countries, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and multilateral institutions.

Pointing to some concrete initiatives that underpin G8 relations with Africa, she noted that the "Partnership for Making Finance Work for Africa" would provide a platform for integrating, coordinating, and harmonizing development partners’ activities in financial sector development in Africa.  The Alternate ED said "the Bank has greatly supported this work and we look forward to future cooperation."

A second initiative, the Regional Economic Community (REC) Capacity Building Initiative would enable RECs to achieve faster implementation of regional infrastructure projects that have already been planned and for which funding is already in place.

The statement also made note of the G8 Action Plan for Good Financial Governance in Africa which aimed at supporting the promotion of good financial governance as well as efforts to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of public finances.

Looking ahead, Ms Talapessy pointed to two areas that could be of particular relevance for future cooperation between the G8 countries and the AfDB:

  • The "Fostering Investment and Sustainable Economic Growth" agenda through which the G8 hoped to contribute to sustainable growth in Africa by encouraging and mobilizing domestic and international entrepreneurship and investment;
  • The "Strengthening of Good Governance and Institutional Capacities" agenda which would allow the G8 to further support African institutions at the pan-African and regional level.

AfDB Group President, Donald Kaberuka welcomed the expressions of support from the G8, underscoring ongoing reform efforts to strengthen the operational capacities of the institution.

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