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Ghana - Afram Agricultural Development Project

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Tunis, 31 May 2006 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund on Wednesday approved a loan of 19.97 million Units of Account (UA*) equivalent to US$ 29 million or 261 billion cedis  to help reduce poverty and improve the welfare of rural populations in Ghana.

The Afram Agricultural Development Project (Eastern Region) is expected to help increase agricultural output and household incomes of the project beneficiaries.

The project is intended to address the basic problems confronting the district such as the non-utilization of the vast agricultural potentials of the area, poor access and weak institutional framework.

The project will directly benefit about 30,000 farm families for various production activities in the district. The project will provide regular employment to about 5,000 workers on maize, cashew, yam and cassava farms. In addition the project will create about 350,000 seasonal jobs.

The project is expected to lead to an incremental production of: 54,400 tonnes of maize; 84,920 tonnes of yam; 11,320 tonnes of cashew; and 88,290 tonnes of cassava. For vegetables the project will lead to incremental production of: 11,155 tonnes pepper; 2,910 tonnes of tomatoes; 2,330 tonnes of onions and 2,720 tonnes of okra.

Furthermore, the livestock sub-sector will also involve the production of  4,940 tonnes of beef, 10,970 tonnes of sheep and goat meat, and 9,000 tonnes of poultry meat. In addition, about 6,000 tonnes of fish will be produced. Some 200 rehabilitated kilometers of feeder roads will facilitate the movement of goods and services thereby increasing the level of economic activities in the district.

The ADB Group operations in Ghana started in 1973. To date, its commitments in the country stand at US$ 1.3 billion (12,500 billion cedi) in 90 operations.

* 1 UA = 13 087, 7 GHC = 1, 44085 USD as at 30/04/2006

Project Brief

-  Sources of financing: ADF, Government

-  Estimated start-up date and duration: November 2006, for 5 years

-  Executing Agency: Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Crop, Services Directorate, P. O. Box M37, Accra, Ghana, Tél: (233) 21 665066; Fax: (233) 21 780326

-  Procurement of Goods and Services: The procurement of civil works, vehicles, equipment, will be undertaken through National Competitive Bidding whereas the consultancy services will be done through competition on the basis of a shortlist.


Chawki Chahed Phone: +216 71 10 27 02
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