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02/07/2013 - The Global Environment Facility Council has approved a grant of USD 11.3 million, to be channeled through the AfDB, for climate adaptation activities in Cameroon, Djibouti and Kenya,.

Categories: Djibouti, Kenya, Cameroon, Madagascar, Angola, Climate Change, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Environment, Water Supply & Sanitation, Green Growth Initiative, Global Environment Facility (GEF)

01/07/2013 - Sierra Leone has made impressive social and economic progress in the ten years since the Civil War ended, and has succeeded in establishing democratic institutions at both central and local level. As implementation of the 2007-2012 Development Strategy “Agenda for Change” approached completion, Sierra Leone embarked, in the summer of 2012, on preparation of a new strategy for the 2013-2017 period, “Agenda for Prosperity” (A4P).

Categories: Sierra Leone, Energy & Power, Green Growth Initiative

  • From: 10/06/2013
  • To: 10/06/2013
  • Location: Cairo, Egypt

As part of its ongoing activities under the South-South Cooperation Trust Fund (funded by the Government of Brazil), the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department of the African Development Bank hosted a high-level workshop in Cairo, Egypt, on June 11, 2013 to showcase the results and recommendations of an analytical study, “Clean Technology Transfer Mechanisms in Egypt Based on Best Practices from Southern Countries.”

Categories: Egypt, Brazil, Climate Change, Private Sector, Energy & Power, Economic & Financial Governance, Green Growth Initiative

12/06/2013 - At the recent African Development Bank Annual Meetings in Marrakech, a high-level side event took place exploring the theme Innovative Financing for a Green Economy, defining how African stakeholders can attract private sector finance, particularly from pension and sovereign wealth funds, to finance a low carbon and climate resilient economy in Africa. The Africa50Fund, which was designed by the AfDB to unlock private financing and accelerate the speed of infrastructure delivery in Africa, was also announced.

Categories: Morocco, Infrastructure, Climate Change, Environment, Green Growth Initiative, Private Sector

10/06/2013 - The mission of the SE4All Africa Hub is to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the initiative on the African continent. The Hub will promote African ownership, inclusiveness and a comprehensive approach to the initiative’s implementation.

Categories: Morocco, Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL), Private Sector, Civil Society, Energy & Power, Partnerships, Structural Transformation, Green Growth Initiative, The President, Board of Governors

07/06/2013 - The African Development Fund (ADF) held its 39th Annual Meetings in Marrakech, Morocco, during the 48th Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB). The fund used the occasion to take stock of its achievements and prospects.

Categories: Morocco, Human Capital Development, Structural Transformation, Civil Society, Infrastructure, Food Production, Fragility & Resilience, Green Growth Initiative, Economic & Financial Governance, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Gender, ADF

31/05/2013 - The Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank Group closed on Friday in Marrakech, Morocco, after five days of intense brainstorming on current African development issues, and the approval of the Group’s 2012 Annual Report and audited accounts as well as its operations programmes.

Categories: Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire, Rwanda, Zambia, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Economic & Financial Governance, Education, Gender, Human Capital Development, Information & Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Private Sector, Food Production, Regional Integration, Structural Transformation, Green Growth Initiative, ADF, The President

31/05/2013 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Government of the Republic of Korea, on Thursday, May 30, signed the general cooperation agreement (GCA) that will make it possible for Korea to contribute to special funds and multi-donor funds as well.

Categories: Morocco, Korea, Green Growth Initiative, Structural Transformation

30/05/2013 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) group has received high commendations from Heads of State, Ministers and Stakeholders attending the Bank’s 2013 Annual Meetings in Marrakech, Morocco.

Categories: Morocco, Green Growth Initiative, Fragility & Resilience, Private Sector, Economic & Financial Governance, Structural Transformation, ADF, The President

30/05/2013 - The promotion of green growth and the construction of a green economy in Africa aim to assure the well-being of humans, in the face of climate change. This issue was at the core of the debate “Africa’s transition to green economy” organized on May 28, in the context of the African Development Bank’s Annual Meetings which took place in Marrakesh, Morocco. The panel gathered experts from the AfDB and governmental authorities to exchange experiences.

Categories: Morocco, Sierra Leone, Environment, Energy & Power, Infrastructure, Green Growth Initiative, Poverty Reduction, Structural Transformation

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