Guinea - ADF Supports Capacity Building and Good Governance

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Tunis, 26 July, 2006 – The African Development Fund will help Guinea achieve rapid and sustainable growth through capacity building in public resource management and promotion of good governance.

Towards this end, the Board of Directors of the ADF today approved a grant of 2.5 million Units of Account (US$ 3.7 million or 17.7 billion Guinean francs) to finance a Support Project for Capacity Building in Debt, Public Investment and Control Institutions Management (PADIPOC) in Guinea.

The project aims at improving public resource management and promoting good governance, thereby contributing to poverty reduction. The project will strengthen, streamline and enhance the efficiency of public resource management by the National Debt and Public Investments Directorate (DNDIP). It will also improve the management of public resources by the General Inspectorate of finance (IGF), the Accounts Chamber, and the Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs of the National Assembly; as well as combat corruption.

Guinea is deficient in capacity both the public and private sectors, making it difficult to implement reforms, promote growth and reduce poverty. Added to this is the problem of economic, financial and political governance. This requires urgent and targeted action to enhance the management of public resources and governance.

The ADB Group operations in Guinea started in 1974. To date, its commitments in the country stand at US$ 730 million (3,500 billion Guinean francs) for 72 operations.

Project Brief
-  Sources of financing: ADB, government

-  Estimated start-up date and duration: September 2006, for 3 years

-  Executing Agency: National Debt and Public Investments Directorate (DNDIP), Ministry of Economy and Finance, Tel: (224) 30 41 27 99 Fax: (224) 30 45 54 22

-  Procurement of Goods and Services:

Goods: Information processing equipment (computers, printers, pocket PCs, software, scanners and photocopiers) will be procured through international competitive bidding for UA 510,500, in a single lot, as will be vehicles and motorcycles for an amount of UA 108,000. Office furniture and equipment amounting to UA 112,300 will be procured through local shopping, Documentation for a total cost of UA 96,000 will be procured through a single international competitive bidding exercise

Consultancy services: short-list of Consultancy firms

* 1 UA = USD 1.47937 = GNF 7,060.22 as at 26/07/2006


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