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18/04/2018 - The African Development Bank and the African Institute of Mathematics and Sciences (AIMS) have initiated a landmark relationship aimed at building an industry-led research institution in the league of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Categories: Partnerships, Education, Youth, Employment, Human Capital Development, Information & Communication Technology, The President

06/04/2018 - On the occasion of World Health Day, April 7, 2018, the African Development Bank calls for increased and more quality investments in Africa’s health sector to achieve universal health coverage.

Categories: Health, Human Capital Development, Partnerships

06/04/2018 - Donors to the Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA) – consisting of the African Development Bank, the Government of Japan and the Government of Austria – have approved three catalytic projects totaling US $2,480,000 to stimulate the growth of Africa’s small and medium enterprises.

Categories: Partnerships, Private Sector, Employment, Human Capital Development, Enhanced Private Sector Assistance for Africa: EPSA Initiative, Fund for African Private Sector Assistance

29/03/2018 - The tranquillity usually felt in Abidjan’s business district on the weekend was broken on the morning of Saturday, March 24, 2018 by a frenzy of activity around the headquarters of the African Development Bank.

Categories: Sweden, Private Sector, The High 5s, Partnerships, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Infrastructure, Human Capital Development, Regional Integration, Employment, ADF

16/03/2018 - The African Development Bank has undertaken a mission to hold further discussions on Nigeria’s Power Sector Recovery Program (PSRP) with several stakeholders in Abuja, the country’s capital, from March 14-16, 2018. The high-level mission was led by Amadou Hott, the Bank’s Vice-President for Power, Energy, Climate Change and Green Growth.

Categories: Nigeria, Energy & Power, Partnerships, Private Sector, Human Capital Development

13/03/2018 - Prêter c'est bien, mais prêter et accompagner le prêt avec une assistance technique, c'est sans doute encore mieux. Le 7 mars 2018, le Conseil d'administration de la Banque africaine de développement a accordé un prêt de 15 millions de dollars américains à la banque congolaise Rawbank, première banque commerciale du pays avec 24 % de parts de marché et 300 000 clients.

Categories: Private Sector, The High 5s, Human Capital Development

08/03/2018 - On the occasion of International Women's Day, March 8, we shine a spotlight on eight women plus one - the Director of Gender, Women and Civil Society - who are making a difference at the African Development Bank. This is the second in the series.

Categories: Gender, Human Capital Development

05/03/2018 - In 2000, the United Nations hosted the largest gathering of political leaders ever held. At that meeting, all 189 UN member states, plus leading development institutions, committed to the Millennium Development Goals, a set of eight ambitious goals for lifting more than one billion people worldwide out of extreme poverty.

Categories: Partnerships, Nutrition, Human Capital Development

23/02/2018 - On Wednesday, 21 February 2018, the African Development Bank and the Government of Mozambique signed grant agreements for two operations totaling US$ 29 million.

Categories: Mozambique, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Education, Youth, Human Capital Development, The High 5s

15/02/2018 - African Ministers and heads of delegations attending the third Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in Africa in Cairo, Egypt, on February 10-12, have committed to support the continent's youth to build tomorrow's society through innovation.

Categories: Egypt, Education, Youth, Employment, Human Capital Development, Partnerships, The President

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