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Indian Ocean : ADF stems HIV/AIDS propagation


The ADF grant (6 million Units of Account or US$ 9 million) seeks to stem HIV/AIDS/STI transmission in and amongst the IOC member states. The Support Project to the Regional Initiative for HIV/AIDS/STI Control in IOC Member Countries will target the migrant populations (migrant/seasonal workers, tourists, seafarers…) that move from island to island, along with the local populations with which they come into contact at ports, tourist locations and hotels…

The project will consist in raising the awareness of the sub-region populations on HIV infection and STI and the risks and modes of transmission and means of protection. It will also improve the sub-region population access to quality preventive and curative care dispensed by the socio-health set-up. The project will also establish a joint HIV/AIDS/STI epidemiological surveillance and watch system in the sub-region (AIDS Observatory).

The main outputs of the project are as follows:

- Establishment of "Green Lines" similar to the SIDA-Info system existing in the countries of the region (procurement of telephone equipment and accessories for the Green lines);

- HIV/AIDS workshops and seminars;

- socio-behavioral surveys;

- formulation of IEC strategies and policies;

- training of a regional team of 100 trainers, 20 Green line operators and 150 peer educators at the ports of the sub-region;

- training of a regional team of journalists;

- training of doctors, laboratory technicians and pharmacists;

- equipment of laboratories…

The ADF support will lay the basis for regional cooperation in the area of public health and especially surveillance, prevention and control of the HIV infection and STI.

The ADF grant comes out in timely circumstances. The IOC countries’ overall HIV/AIDS prevalence rates are under 1%, though some have prevalence rates of over 5% for one or several at-risk groups. At any rate, the sub-region is not free from epidemiological risk and the general trend is one of regular increase. The numerous factors of risk and vulnerability (population mobility, tourism…) create the conditions for a widespread epidemic outbreak.

The IOC is an inter-governmental organization made up of 4 regional member countries (the Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, and the Seychelles) and France (ReunionIsland). Its mission is to «contribute, through regional cooperation, to the permanent development of the member states…».

Project Brief

Sources of financing: ADF + Indian Ocean Commission + French Cooperation Agencies + UNAIDS

Estimated start-up date and duration: Jan. 2005, 4 years

Executing Agency: IOC General Secretariat, Project Coordination Unit, BP 7, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius, Telephone: (230) 425 9564 /425 1625, Fax: (230) 425 2709

Consultancy Services: Conduct of studies and surveys, establishment of the regional AIDS Observatory, adapting and computerizing the accounting system and conducting the audit. Short list drawn up by the Project Coordination Unit and approved by the Fund.


Chawki Chahed Phone: +216 71 10 27 02