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“Investing in Health: Key to Inclusive, Sustainable, and Equitable Growth in Africa” by AfDB, Human Development Department Director, Agnes Soucat.


Ms.Soucat spoke during a presentation on behalf of the Harmonization for Health in Africa (HHA) Mechanism at the Value for Money, Sustainability and Accountability in the Health Sector high-level dialogue between Ministers of Finance and Health organized by the AfDB and HHA on July 4 and 5 in Tunis.

Using illustrative data, she discussed health and health financing in Africa, particularly in the context of inequality in growth, demographic shifts, and voice and accountability. She also stressed the importance of value for money, accountability, efficiency and sustainability in health spending in the context of more domestic spending and declining official development assistance.

The conference gathered over 50 finance and health ministers and/or their representatives from 33 African countries, parliamentarians as well as over 400 participants from the public and private sectors, academia, civil society and the media globally.

The conference emphasized the urgent need for greater domestic accountability, reduced dependence on foreign aid and the role of parliamentarians as well as using e-health in achieving greater value for money in the delivery of health services in Africa. It also stressed the need to tackle the critical shortages, misdistribution and inadequate performance of health workers in Africa.

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