Kenya - ADF Grants US$ 8 Million in Support of Good Governance

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Tunis, July 26, 2006 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF) has approved a grant of UA 5.52 million, approximately US$ 8.166 million, to the government of Kenya in support of a program aimed at creating institutional capacity to promote good governance.

The implementation of this project will enhance the operational efficiency of the institutions whose functions relate to maintaining good governance in Kenya, the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC), the Public Procurement Directorate and the Kenya National Audit Office, by beefing up their equipment and supporting basic structures for their functions. The project will assist the government in improving public financial management in the areas of procurement and auditing, as well as in the intensification of the fight against corruption.

The project has three main components: Improving the Public Financial Management System, with special emphasis on three departments: Procurement, Internal Audit and the National Audit Office. It will also strengthen the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission in its fight against corruption. The third component deals with the enhancement of the performance of the administrative structure in charge of monitoring ADB projects in Kenya.

The ADB Group operations in Kenya started in 1967. To date, the total cumulative approvals to the country  amount to UA 724.22 million, with total disbursement of UA 459.33 Million.

Project Brief

1. COUNTRY: Republic of Kenya

2. TITLE OF PROJECT: Kenya Institutional Support for Good Governance

3. BENEFICIARY: The Republic of Kenya

4. PLACE OF IMPLEMENTATION: National Territory

5. EXECUTING AGENCY: Ministry of Finance P.O. Box 30007 NAIROBI Kenya

6. APPROVAL DATE: July 2006

7. DATE OF EFFECTIVENESS AND DURATION: September 2006 for 36 months

8. PROCUREMENT OF GOODS AND SERVICES: The Grant will be used to purchase goods and consulting services.

9. CONSULTANCY SERVICES: Short-term consultancy to prepare the following documents:

i. Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

ii. Production of Audit Manual

iii. The Development of Quarterly Assessment Framework for PPOA

iv. The Development of Corruption Campaign Materials for KACC

v. Training.

* 1 UC = 1,47937 USD = 1,16367 euros  au 31/07/2006


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