Launching of the ADB Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative in Senegal

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Tunis, 21 September 2005 – The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund approved on Wednesday a loan of 25 million Units of Account* (US$ 36 million) to finance the rural water supply and sanitation (RWSS) sub-programme in Senegal. This programme will enable some 800,000 rural people to benefit from improved water supply and sanitation in the regions of Louga, Ziguinchor and Kolda in Senegal.

The loan will contribute to improving the health conditions of rural communities of the 3 regions through the enhancement of water and household sanitation services in 240 rural localities and the improvement of community sanitation services in 60 of the 114 rural communities of the 3 regions. It will help reduce health expenditure, promote water-related income-generating activities and develop the private sector in the intervention areas.

To improve the supply of drinking water to rural communities and their living environment, the sub-programme will finance the supply of drinking water to an estimated 240 villages in the targeted regions through the provision of new water points and rehabilitation of old ones. It will also finance individual sanitation construction works (household latrines) and school community sanitation, sanitary and other works in the villages to improve the protection of children who constitute the most exposed and most vulnerable section of the population.

The sub-programme, the first of its kind in Senegal, falls within the scope of the African Development Bank Group’s Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative. Launched in 2004, the Initiative aims at covering 66% drinking water and sanitation needs in the region by 2010 and 80% by 2015.

Bank Group operations in Senegal started in 1972. To date, its commitments in the country stand at US$ 950 million in 76 operations.

Project Brief

-   Sources of financing: ADF + government + beneficiaries

-   Estimated start-up date and duration: January 2006, 48 months

-   Executing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources Administrative Building, 3rd floor, BP 4005, Dakar, Senegal, fax: (221) 823 32 68, tel: (221) 849 72 13

-   Procurement of goods, works and services: Contracts for private sanitation, individual water connections and installation of distribution meters will be based on the ADB procedures for community contracts.

-   Consultancy services required: Required for the Sub-Programme Coordination Unit, monitoring and inspection of works, construction of drinking water supply systems, IEC campaigns on drinking water and sanitation as well as for audits.

* UA 1 = US$ 1.45984

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