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13/10/2004 - Tunis, 13 October 2004 – Hard-hit by drought, famine, epidemics and wars, Ethiopia remains one of the poorest countries in the World. The annual per capita income hardly attains US$ 125, about five million households are food insecure and vulnerable annually and 44% of the population is currently estimated to be living below the poverty line.

06/10/2004 - Tunis, le 6 octobre 2004 – Le cadre stratégique de lutte contre la pauvreté (CSLP, 2002-2006) adopté par le gouvernement malien en mai 2002 accorde une grande importance au développement de la pêche continentale.

06/10/2004 - Tunis, 6 October 2004 – The improvement of the aquaculture sector will help Rwanda create thousands of new jobs and strengthen food security. A new African Development Fund project, the Inland Lakes Integrated Development and Management Support Project – PAIGELAC, approved today by the Board of Directors, will help the country achieve this objective.

06/10/2004 - Tunis, 6 October 2004 – Eight member countries of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) have decided to reinforce the capacity of their common organization in the sector of capacity building in terms of formulation of Water Policy. The strengthening of the water sector will help them to develop a resource which is vital for their populations.

06/10/2004 - Tunis, 6 October 2004 – Malawi is facing an external financing gap for the implementation of the governance improving measures articulated under the Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy. When high standards of accountability and transparency are upheld in the public sector, public financial management is more likely to be undertaken according to best practices. Hence, the support extended by the African Development Fund (ADF) to good governance in Malawi, a fundamental element in the management of the economy.

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06/10/2004 - Tunis, 6 October 2004 – The government of Cape Verde has adopted a National Development Plan for 2002-2005 that seeks to reduce poverty through balanced socio-economic growth and good governance.

29/09/2004 - Tunis, 29 September 2004 – Conflict prevention in West Africa has witnessed a significant improvement. The African Development Fund (ADF), which approved today a 10 million Units of Account grant (US$ 14.6 million or CFA 7.9 billion) in favour of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), will significantly contribute to the promotion of peace in the ECOWAS member countries.

29/09/2004 - Tunis, 29 September 2004 – Uganda is succeeding in attracting important local and foreign private investments in the mining sector. The African Development Fund (ADF) will help the country achieve this important target thanks to a grant amounting to 5.35 million Units of Account (US$ 7.8 million or UGX 13.8 billion), today approved.

29/09/2004 - Tunis, 29 September 2004 – The prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS has been increasing at an alarming rate in Africa where the epidemic has become the leading cause of adult mortality. Control of the epidemic is even more difficult when dealing with people displaced by conflict who seek protection in refugee camps.

29/09/2004 - Tunis, 29 September 2004 – Cape Verde has developed a strategy for the education sector covering 2003-2012, which has improved access. But the problems related to quality and equity still persist, notably the low level of qualification of teachers with its negative impact on the effectiveness of the internal system. This problem can now be tackled with the support of the African Development Fund (ADF).

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