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15/12/2014 - The African Water Facility announced on December 15 that is has offered a €3.4 million grant to the Government of Mozambique to conduct a feasibility study for the development of a climate adaptation project in the lower Limpopo region.

Categories: Mozambique, African Water Facility, Water Supply & Sanitation, Infrastructure, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Climate Change

21/08/2014 - The African Water Facility (AWF) offered on August 20, 2014 a €1.3 million grant to the Water Research Commission of the Republic of South Africa to improve water delivery services, an initiative that will be supported and driven by the beneficiary communities of Limpopo province. Over 20,000 people are expected to get improved access to water for domestic and agriculture purposes, among others.

Categories: South Africa, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Infrastructure, Water Supply & Sanitation, African Water Facility

31/07/2014 - The African Water Facility has offered a €1.2 million grant to the Kisumu Water and Sewage Company (KIWASCO) to support an innovative project that will provide sanitation services for residents in the Manyatta settlement in Kisumu, Kenya, while creating business through the sale of fertilizers, biogas and energy as by-product of sanitation collection.

Categories: Kenya, African Water Facility, Water Supply & Sanitation, Infrastructure, Health, Human Capital Development, Energy & Power

09/01/2014 - Ce sont plus de 4 millions de personnes, résidant au Togo et au Ghana, entre Sogakopé et Lomé, qui bénéficieront d’un accès amélioré à l’eau potable, à l’issue d’un projet proposé par les gouvernements respectifs des deux pays. Et pour lequel ceux-ci ont reçu, le 20 décembre 2013, confirmation d’un don de 1,4 million d’euros de la Facilité africaine de l’eau (FAE).

Categories: Togo, Ghana, Water Supply & Sanitation, Private Sector, Partnerships, African Water Facility, African Legal Support Facility

08/11/2013 - The African Water Facility (AWF) signed a €1 million grant in favour of the Ghanaian NGO Training, Research and Networking for Development (TREND) to support an innovative sanitation scheme. The project, which is a tripartite collaboration among TREND, Safi Sana Ghana Limited and the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly, is designed to turn waste into bio-fertilizer and energy, whilst providing affordable and sustainable sanitation services for the unsewered urban poor communities of Ashaiman district of Accra.

Categories: Ghana, Energy & Power, Environment, Water Supply & Sanitation, African Water Facility

12/02/2013 - The African Water Facility (AWF) offers a €1.2 million grant to the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) to support a project aimed at increasing access to sustainable and affordable sanitation and hygiene services to over 800,000 urban slum-dwellers in Monrovia, Liberia.

Categories: Liberia, African Water Facility, Water Supply & Sanitation, Human Capital Development

11/02/2013 - La Facilité africaine de l’eau (FAE) vient d’octroyer un don de 1.1 million d’euros au Gouvernement du Congo pour accroître l’accès à l’eau potable et l’assainissement à environ 100.000 personnes de cinq centres semi-urbains.

Categories: Congo, Water Supply & Sanitation, African Water Facility

05/02/2013 - La Facilité africaine de l’eau (FAE) vient d’accorder un don de 1,1 million d’euros à la municipalité de Sèmè-Podji, au Bénin pour mettre en œuvre des solutions efficaces, durables et rentables dans la gestion et l’exploitation des boues de vidange. Le projet s’inscrit dans le cadre d’un partenariat public-privé (PPP) pour la gestion des déchets, une collaboration rare dans le secteur de l’assainissement, sur le continent.

Categories: Benin, Water Supply & Sanitation, African Water Facility, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Initiative

26/09/2012 - The African Development Bank approved on August 29, an African Water Facility (AWF) grant of €950,000 to support a project to help the Government of Zambia develop, test and adopt updated guidelines, which will be used as framework for programming as well as designing the financing, construction and operations of multi-purpose small dams. The dams are expected to directly improve the lives and livelihoods of an estimated 90,000 people, and indirectly benefit about a million people living in rural areas, thus enhancing water security in more vulnerable parts of the country.

Categories: Zambia, African Water Facility, Water Supply & Sanitation, Climate Change, Environment

09/08/2012 - An estimated 150,000 people from pastoral communities, including students and teachers from six schools based in Kenya’s Baringo, Kiambu West and Laikipia districts, are to benefit from a €690,000 grant from the African Water Facility (AWF) approved by the AfDB on Friday, July 6.

Categories: Water Supply & Sanitation, African Water Facility, Climate Change, Environment

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