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Burundi : la Banque africaine de développement et le gouvernement signent deux accords de dons d’un montant total de 23,4 millions d’euros en faveur du développement du Port de Bujumbura

21-Feb-2020 - La Banque africaine de développement et le gouvernement burundais ont signé, mardi 18 février à Bujumbura, capitale économique du Burundi, deux accords de dons d’un montant total de 23,4 millions d’euros sur les ressources du Fonds Africain de Développement (FAD) et de la Facilité d’Appui à la Transition (FAT) en faveur du secteur du transport du pays.

Zimbabwe: African Development Bank supports post cyclone recovery efforts with $24.7 million

27-Aug-2019 - The African Development Bank Group on 21 August 2019 signed a deal to support Zimbabwe’s post-cyclone Idai recovery plans with $24.7 million as part of its lead role to help restore livelihood and infrastructure in areas most hit by the disaster this year. Cyclone Idai hit the southern African nation in March, causing loss of lives, devastation, displacement and extensive damage to infrastructure in some eight districts. The Bank Group initially responded to the calamity with $250,000 to support the humanitarian...

Guinée : la Banque africaine de développement accorde un don de 2 millions de dollars pour étudier la faisabilité d’un projet de construction d’un port en eau profonde

31-May-2019 - La Banque africaine de développement et le ministère du Plan et du Développement Économique de Guinée, ont signé, jeudi 30 mai 2019 au Petit palais de Conakry, un accord de don portant sur une étude de faisabilité d’un projet de construction d’un port en eau profonde polyvalent dans le nord-ouest du pays, pour un montant de deux millions de dollars américains.

Guinée : la Banque africaine de développement octroie 81,1 millions de dollars au titre de prêts pour les transports et l’environnement et de don d’urgence

26-Apr-2019 - Le Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement et le gouvernement de Guinée, ont signé, mardi 23 avril 2019 à Conakry, des accords de prêts et de don, pour un montant total de 81,1 millions de dollars EU. Il s’agit de deux nouvelles opérations dans les domaines des transports et de l’environnement, ainsi qu’une aide d’urgence dans le domaine de l’agriculture, qui vont renforcer le portefeuille actif de projets financés par la Banque en Guinée, pour le porter à un montant total d’engagements d’environ 562,36...

African Development Bank signs $50 million agreement with Natixis to boost trade finance in Africa

25-Apr-2019 - The African Development Bank on Wednesday April 24, 2019 signed a US$50 million risk participation agreement (APR) with investment and corporate bank Natixis. The 50/50 risk-sharing agreement covers a portfolio of commercial transactions totaling US$100 million, which will support commercial operations worth US$600 million in Africa over the next three years.

Tunisie : lancement du déploiement de drones pour améliorer la productivité agricole à Sidi Bouzid

08-Apr-2019 - La Banque africaine de développement, le ministère tunisien de l’Agriculture, des Ressources hydrauliques et de la Pêche et l’agence gouvernementale sud-coréenne Busan Techno Park ont signé, le 8 avril à Tunis, un accord tripartite prévoyant le déploiement, dès la fin avril, de drones dans des projets agricoles de la région de Sidi Bouzid, au centre du pays.

African Development Bank multi-partner Somali Fund to receive US$3 million from IsDB

05-Apr-2019 - The African Development Bank has welcomed the Islamic Development Bank’s agreement to contribute US$3 million to the multi-partner Somalia Infrastructure Fund (SIF). The signing ceremony for the agreement took place on the sidelines of the 44th Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)’s Annual Meetings in Marrakech, Morocco.

Tunisie : la Banque africaine de développement signe un accord de don en faveur des écoles touchées par les intempéries à Nabeul

05-Mar-2019 - Le directeur général de la Banque africaine de développement pour l’Afrique du Nord, Mohamed EL Azizi, a signé aux côtés du ministre tunisien du Développement, de l’Investissement et de la Coopération internationale, Zied Laadhari, un accord de don de 1 million de dollars américains afin de venir en aide aux établissements scolaires du gouvernorat de Nabeul -sud-est de Tunis- affectés par les intempéries.

Mali : la Banque africaine de développement soutient trois projets en faveur de l’autonomisation des femmes, des secteurs de l’électricité et de l’imagerie médicale

05-Mar-2019 - La République du Mali et la Banque africaine de développement ont signé, aujourd’hui à Abidjan, des accords de financement pour trois projets d’un montant total de quelque neuf milliards de francs CFA, portant sur l’autonomisation des femmes, le développement de mini-centrales hydroélectriques et l’imagerie médicale.

Eswatini on track to strong growth, African Development Bank team concludes after consultation mission

06-Feb-2019 - The Kingdom of Eswatini is on track for progress following encouraging country performance in execution of ongoing projects, Executive Directors of the African Development Bank concluded following a consultative mission to the southern African nation.

African Development Bank, ECOWAS, sign agreement for study on Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Highway

05-Feb-2019 - The African Development Bank and the Economic Community Of West African States Commission (ECOWAS) have signed an agreement for a study into a 1,000 kilometre highway linking Cote d’Ivoire’s commercial capital Abidjan, to Lagos in Nigeria, marking a new step in building regional integration and trade.

African Development Bank President Adesina confident of “very promising future” for continent

05-Feb-2019 - "The future of our continent is looking very promising indeed," African Development Bank Group President Akinwumi Adesina declared in the opening words of his address to diplomats  at a lunch organised today, Tuesday, in Abidjan.

African Development Bank and ICRC join forces to accelerate economic resilience in fragile contexts

18-Jan-2019 - The African Development Bank Group and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) signed a letter of intent on Wednesday 16th January 2019 at the Bank’s headquarters in Abidjan. The letter commits the institutions to increase their collaboration to accelerate gender equality, build resilience, and provide improved economic opportunities in Africa’s transition countries.

African Development Bank and Rwanda Sign financing agreements worth €115 million for water projects

17-Jan-2019 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) has signed financing agreements worth €115 million with the Government of Rwanda to support the Rwanda Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Programme as additional financing. The funding, which comprises €114.27 million from the AfDB window and €0.8 million from the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative Trust Fund, augments the original financing of €104 million AfDB loan and €43 million Africa Growing Together Fund ...

African Economic Outlook 2019: Africa growth prospects remain steady, industry should lead growth

17-Jan-2019 - Africa’s general economic performance continues to recover and GDP growth is projected to accelerate to 4.0 percent in 2019 and 4.1 percent in 2020. But improved macroeconomic and employment outcomes require industry to lead growth, according to the 2019 African Economic Outlook report, launched today by the African Development Bank. Published annually since 2003, the African Development Bank’s flagship report provides headline numbers on Africa’s economic performance and outlook.

Accord Commission européenne-Banque africaine de développement : 60 millions d’euros pour l’interconnexion électrique Cameroun-Tchad et pour la Dorsale transsaharienne à fibre optique

08-Jan-2019 - La Commission européenne et la Banque africaine de développement ont procédé,- à la signature de deux accords de co-financement, au profit du projet d’interconnexion électrique entre le Cameroun et le Tchad et de la Dorsale transsaharienne à fibre optique (DTS). C’était le jeudi 20 décembre 2018, au siège de la Commission européenne à Bruxelles.

Tunisia: African Development Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development invest 150 million euros to improve sanitation in small municipalities

08-Jan-2019 - The African Development Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed on 8th January  a loan agreement with the Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation (MDICI) and the National Office for Sanitation (ONAS) to finance the sanitation programme for small municipalities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants. Nearly 200,000 inhabitants of small municipalities in Tunisia will benefit from significant environmental improvements thanks to a 150 million euros loan...

The African Legal Support Facility receives €4 million from Germany

18-Dec-2018 - The African Legal Support Facility (ALSF) and KfW Development Bank have signed an agreement to extend a €4 million grant from the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW to the Facility. This assistance builds on a 2016 Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions under which ALSF was given a grant of €5 million.

AEC2018: Moving the Africa Free Trade Area agreement ahead with quick win solutions

04-Dec-2018 - A total of 44 African nations signed the landmark African Continental Free Trade agreement earlier this year, with only 12 out of the required 22 countries ratifying the accord, but policy makers say there is time enough - and practical solutions - to move the process ahead. The African Continental Free Trade (AfCFTA) area aims to create a single continental market for goods and services, with free movement of business persons and investments, and thus pave the way for accelerating the establishment of the...

Trade Finance: US$20 million facility for Meridian’s soft commodity value-chain operations in Southern Africa

03-Dec-2018 - The African Development Bank (through its Trade Finance operations) has signed a US$20 million facility to finance Meridian’s operations in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. This Soft Commodity Finance Facility is designed to provide pre- and post-shipment finance along various stages of Meridian’s soft commodity value-chain operations in the three countries concerned, to help local farmers and soft commodity suppliers grow their revenues and produce quality crops for export.

COP24: Progress on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

29-Nov-2018 - The Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 was by far the most ambitious effort yet made to strengthen the global response to the increasingly urgent challenges of climate change, with headline commitments to limiting global warming to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to make efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C.

South Africa’s IDC and African Development Bank sign loan agreement to ramp up industrial and infrastructure development in Africa

09-Nov-2018 - The African Development Bank and the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa, have signed a US$100 million and ZAR 1.3 billion loan agreement to finance industrial and infrastructure projects in South Africa and other African countries. This facility will support IDC in delivering on its industrial mandate. The Agreement was signed on 7 November during the African Investment Forum in Johannesburg.

Climate, agribusiness, gender are key priorities in new agreement between African Development Bank and FinDev Canada

08-Nov-2018 - The African Development Bank and FinDev Canada – the Canadian government’s development finance institution – have agreed to collaborate in joint transaction opportunities, external partnerships and best practice to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa.

Africa Investment Forum: Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) acquires stake in Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB)

08-Nov-2018 - The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) has acquired an equity stake in the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank, formerly known as PTA. BADEA CEO Sidi Ould Tah and TDB president Admassu Tadesse ratified the agreement on 8 November 2018, on the second day of the Africa Investment Forum held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

African Development Bank collaborates with Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative

02-Nov-2018 - The African Development Bank’s Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) program has signed a financial procedures agreement with the World Bank-led Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi). “This agreement is an important milestone for the AFAWA program, and presents an opportunity to leverage substantial resources to unlock the transformational potential of women’s entrepreneurship in Africa,” said Vanessa Moungar, Director of the Bank’s Gender, Women and Civil Society Department. The...

African Development Bank, Mariner Investment Group, and Africa50 Price Landmark $1 Billion Impact Securitization

18-Sep-2018 - The African Development Bank, the European Commission, Mariner Investment Group, LLC (Mariner), Africa50, and Mizuho International plc today announce the pricing of Room2Run, a US $1 billion synthetic securitization corresponding to a portfolio of seasoned pan-African credit risk. Room2Run is the first-ever portfolio synthetic securitization between a Multi-Lateral Development Bank (MDB) and private sector investors, pioneering the use of securitization and credit risk transfer technology to a new and previously...

Burkina Faso : 11,5 milliards de francs CFA de la Banque africaine de développement en appui à la réforme du secteur énergétique

31-Aug-2018 - Le Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement et le gouvernement burkinabè ont signé, mardi 28 août 2018 à Ouagadougou, des accords de financement du Programme d’appui aux réformes dans le secteur de l’énergie (PARSE). Ce financement, d’un montant de quelque 11,5 milliards de francs CFA, avait été approuvé par le Conseil d’administration de la Banque le 18 juillet 2018.

Togo : La Banque africaine de développement va investir 16,6 milliards de francs CFA dans l’agro-alimentaire

28-Aug-2018 - Le Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement a signé avec le gouvernement du Togo des accords de prêt et de don pour un total de quelque 16,63 milliards de FCFA, dans le cadre de son Projet de transformation agro-alimentaire (PTA-Togo). 

African Development Bank and Namibia Government sign USD 217.8 Million loan to boost economic governance in Namibia

22-Aug-2018 - The Government of the Republic of Namibia and the African Development Bank have signed a loan agreement worth US$ 217.8 million (ZAR 3 billion) to finance the second phase of the Namibia Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Programme (EGCSP II). The agreement was signed on 14 August 2018 by Namibian Finance Minister Carl H. G. Schlettwein and Dr. Josepine Ngure, Bank Deputy Director General, Southern Africa Regional development, on behalf of the Bank Group.

African Development Bank Signs US$41 million grant agreement for Sudan’s Agriculture Value Chain Development Project

27-Jul-2018 - The African Development Bank on Thursday signed a US$41-million grant agreement with Republic of Sudan to finance a public sector Agriculture Value Chain Development Project in the country. The project was identified under Sudan’s National Agriculture Investment Plan (SNAIP), which seeks to increase agricultural production through the modernization of agricultural systems, value chains and market access, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Mohamed Osman Elrikabi said at the signing ceremony on July 26...

Tunisia launches pilot project to use drones for data collection in agricultural sector

27-Jul-2018 - Tunisia and the African Development Bank have signed an agreement for the launch of a pilot project to use drones for data collection to enhance management of agricultural projects in the country. The project, to be implemented over the next ten months, would receive technical management and assistance from South Korea, Minister Zied Laadhari announced during the signing ceremony on Thursday July 26.  

African Investment Forum Road show in Cairo, attended by Egyptian public and Private Sector entities

26-Jul-2018 - Over 80 Egyptian public and private sector entities attended the African Investment Forum (AIF) road show organised by the African Development Bank on Wednesday 25 July 2018 in Cairo. Leading business executives from a wide range of industries including the banking and investment sector, industry associations, the Government and its investment promotion agencies, as well as key AIF partners EBRD, World Bank and the IFC, participated in the road show.

African Development Bank and Portuguese-speaking countries sign declaration to spur economic development in Lusophone Africa

19-Jul-2018 - The African Development Bank and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) have signed a Declaration to support the “Development Finance Compact for the Lusophone Countries of Africa”. Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank and Maria do Carmo Silveira, Executive Secretary of CLPL, signed the agreement on Wednesday on the sidelines of the 12th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the CPLP in Santa Maria on the Island of Sal, Cabo Verde.

La Banque africaine de développement réaffirme son engagement avec l’Alliance Sahel

18-Jul-2018 - Une importante délégation de l’Unité de coordination de l’Alliance Sahel (UCA) a entamé, mercredi 18 juillet 2018, une visite de travail de deux jours dans les locaux de la Banque africaine de développement à Abidjan, en Côte d’Ivoire. L’Alliance Sahel, un partenariat lancé en juillet 2017 à Paris par plusieurs bailleurs de fonds, vise à atteindre plus rapidement des résultats de développement dans les pays du G5 Sahel : Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritanie, Niger et Tchad.

African Development Bank commends Afreximbank’s efforts to advance intra-African trade

16-Jul-2018 - “Africa is in a hurry because it is hungry for economic transformation. We must move quickly from old methods of intervention in dealing with emerging challenges and taking advantage of opportunities,” President Adesina tells participants at 25th Anniversary of Afreximbank

African Development Bank and AfreximBank sign Strategic Factoring project to support African SMEs

13-Jul-2018 - The African Development Bank, through its Trade Finance operations, and Afreximbank today signed a Grant Agreement to support the development of factoring (a form of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable (invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount) on the continent. This is a big step towards both institutions’ unrelenting drive and commitment to continue enabling extra and intra-Africa Trade.

Millennium Challenge Corporation Announces New Collaboration with the African Development Bank

02-Jul-2018 - The U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Nash and African Development Bank Group Senior Vice-President Charles Boamah today announced new opportunities for collaboration between the institutions. The announcement was made during the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PAC-DBIA) mission stop in Côte d’Ivoire.

African Development Bank joins Global Infrastructure Facility as Technical Partner

19-Jun-2018 - Africa’s infrastructure financing needs are huge. Innovative partnerships are needed to bridge the financing gap and accelerate infrastructure development in Transport, ICT, Water and Energy, that are considered as drivers for growth, regional integration and industrialization. It is in this optic that the African Development Bank Group signed a Financial Procedures Agreement with the World Bank Group (the GIF Trustee) on 18th of April 2018 as Technical Partner of the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF).

African Development Bank supports fiber-optic development in the Central African Republic

31-May-2018 - The Central African Minister of Economy, Planning and International Cooperation, Félix Moloua, and the Director General for Central Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office of the African Development Bank, Ousmane Doré, signed three grant agreements in Busan, Korea, of FCFA 22,107 billion to finance the fiber-optic backbone project for Central Africa – CAF component.

Supporting Women-owned Businesses and SMEs in Sierra Leone

31-May-2018 - At its 2018 Annual Meetings in Busan, Korea, the African Development Bank signed a 5-year, US $3-million Line of Credit (LoC) with Sierra Leone’s Union Trust Bank (UTB), the only indigenous private bank in Sierra Leone and an important provider of finance for indigenous micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The LoC will primarily target local SMEs and women-owned businesses working in agriculture, energy, manufacturing and services, among others.

Supporting regional integration in the Lake Chad Basin

25-May-2018 - Two loan agreements totaling €44.51 million were signed on Thursday, May 24 in Busan, Korea, by Alamine Ousmane Mey, Cameroon’s Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, and Ousmane Doré, Director General for the African Development Bank Central Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office.

The African Development Bank and the Global Green Growth Institute partner to fast-track Green Growth in Africa

25-May-2018 - The African Development Bank(link is external) and the Global Green Growth Institute(link is external) (GGGI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Friday on the sidelines of the African Development Bank Group’s Annual Meetings in Busan, to promote programs, projects, joint studies and research activities to accelerate green growth options for African countries.

FAPA Donors and AFAP sign grant agreement in support of local supply and utilization of fertilizer in Africa

24-May-2018 - On the sidelines of the African Development Bank Annual Meetings in Busan, Korea, the Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA)(link is external) donors and the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) have signed a grant agreement in support of local supply and utilization of fertilizer by smallholder farmers in Africa.

Integrity in Development Projects: African Development Bank and Sinohydro Reach Settlement Agreement on Fraudulent Practice

24-May-2018 - The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) on June 15th, 2017, announced the conclusion of a settlement agreement with Sinohydro Corporation.

African Development Bank and UNIDO join forces to accelerate Africa’s industrialization

21-May-2018 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Monday, May 21 to step up collaboration to boost Africa’s industrialization.

Cameroon: 25th Member State to ratify the African Legal Support Facility Treaty

24-Apr-2018 - The President of the Republic of CameroonPaul Biya, ratified the agreement to establish the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF) on April 13, 2018 in the presence of his cabinet. Cameroon is the 25th Member State to ratify the treaty.

Three leading development finance institutions sign loan agreement to support capital markets and high impact sectors in Africa

13-Apr-2018 - Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the African Development Bank (AfDB) and ALCB Fund Board Members have signed a loan agreement to support high impact sectors in Africa focusing on housing, agriculture and SMEs.

African Development Bank and Portuguese Government plan to unlock growth opportunities in Africa’s Lusophone countries

12-Apr-2018 - To help unlock economic growth, the African Development Bank is coordinating the implementation of an integrated development strategy for Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa. In preparation for the rollout of this initiative, the Bank and the Government of Portugal have signed an agreement to provide language training to African Development Bank staff interested in learning Portuguese, as well as professional conference translation services.

African Development Bank’s Trade Finance Operation signs US $100-million soft commodity finance facility agreement with the Export Trading Group

12-Apr-2018 - The African Development Bank has signed a loan agreement for a soft commodity finance facility (SCFF) with the Export Trading Group (ETC). This Facility is innovatively structured as two successive loans of US $100 million, each with a tenor of up to 2 years, thus signifying the African Development Bank’s strong commitment to the promotion of agriculture in Africa.

The Republic of Angola and the Bank sign a loan agreement of US $101.07 million to support agricultural value chains development in Cabinda Province

29-Mar-2018 - The Government of the Republic of Angola, represented by Augusto Archer de Sousa Mangueira, Minister of Finance and Governor for the African Development Bank, and the Bank, represented by Joseph Ribeiro, Country Manager for Angola, signed on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 in Cabinda Province, a loan agreement in the amount of US $101.07 million for the Cabinda Provincial Agriculture Value Chains Development Project.