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25/04/2007 - The AfDB has teamed up with major African investors to generate up to US$ 450 million in the first instance to finance a Pan-African Infrastructure Development Fund (PAIDF), a close-end private equity fund that will invest in infrastructure projects in the Energy, transport, ICT, water and sanitation sectors.

Categories: Energy & Power, Transport, Information & Communication Technology, Water Supply & Sanitation

21/12/2006 - The AfDB Group will support the Ethiopian government’s rural electrification project with a loan of US$ 131.47 million, approved by the Board of Directors of the ADF, the concessional window of the AfDB Group.

Categories: Ethiopia, Energy & Power

13/09/2006 - The Board of Directors of the ADF approved a loan of US$ 31.14 million to finance the 4th Electricity Project in Mozambique.

Categories: Mozambique, Energy & Power

03/12/2005 - The ADB and Morocco signed a loan agreement relating to the environmental upgrading of SAMIR, the main Moroccan supplier of refined petroleum products.

Categories: Morocco, Private Sector, Energy & Power, Environment

18/10/2005 - The ADB and Egypt signed a loan agreement of 175.9 million Euro to finance the El Kureimat Combined Cycle Power Plant Project.

Categories: Egypt, Energy & Power

27/07/2005 - Tunis, 27 July 2005 – The AfDB approved in Tunis on Wednesday, a loan of 154.3 million Units of Account* (175.9 million Euro) to finance El Kureimat Combined Cycle Power Plant Project (Module II) in Egypt.

Categories: Egypt, Energy & Power

16/05/2005 - Abuja, 16 May 2005 – On the fringes of the ADB Group Annual Meetings 2005 in Nigeria, the Acting Vice President for the North, South and East operations of the ADB Group, Mrs. Zeinab El Bakri signed today in Abuja a loan agreement of 20.88 million Units of Account (UA*), the equivalent of US$ 31.6 million, and two grant agreements for a total amount of UA 2.27 million (US$ 3.44 million) in favour of Ethiopia with Ethiopian Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr. Sufian Ahmed to finance respectively the Multinational Power Interconnection Project, Fisheries Resources Development Plan Study and the Mombasa-Nairobi-Addis Ababa Road Corridor Development Project.

Categories: Ethiopia, Energy & Power, Environment, Transport

11/03/2005 - Le Fonds africain de développement (Fad), le guichet concessionel du Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement (Bad) soutient le développement de l’exploitation de l’hydroélectricité en Afrique de l’Ouest.

Categories: Energy & Power

02/03/2005 - Tunis, 2 March 2004 – The African Development Bank (AfDB) approved a loan of EUR 136.45 millions in favour of Morocco, to finance the construction of an integrated solar thermal combined cycle power station in Ain Beni Mathar. This project is a new initiative both for the kingdom of Morocco as well as for the ADB.

Categories: Energy & Power, Infrastructure

27/12/2004 - Tunis, 27 December 2004 – The African Development Fund (ADF) and the Integrated Development Authority of the Liptako-Gourma region (or Liptako-Gourma Authority, ALG) today signed in Tunis a grant agreement of 1.59 million Units of Account (2.3 million US dollars or FCFA 1.2 billion).

Categories: Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Energy & Power, Transport

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