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Mainstreaming sectoral statistical systems in Africa

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Mainstreaming sectoral statistical systems in Africa

A guide to planning a coordinated national statistical system

This guide is written to assist staff of national statistical offices (NSOs) and of sectoral statistical offices to work together to mainstream sectoral statistical systems into NSSs by integrating their strategies into NSDS design and implementation. The intended outcome is a coordinated NSS - with shared goals and cross-cutting strategies - capable of efficiently and effectively monitoring development indicators.

The guide complements other documents prepared, for example by PARIS21, to assist countries in designing an NSDS. It, therefore, includes some material about the NSDS design process that is already familiar to staff of NSOs but which may not be as familiar to people working in the sectors. Similarly, it contains information that focuses the attention of NSOs on issues of importance to the sectors.

The guide has been developed on the assumption that a budgeted proposal has been prepared and approved to design an integrated NSDS. It is best used from the time NSDS design begins through to its implementation. The guide may also be used when revising a Statistical Masterplan or NSDS document that has not already integrated sectoral strategies into it.

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