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Migrant Remittances Development Challenge


The African Development Bank (AfDB) gives high priority to promoting remittances by migrant workers, in view of its impact on poverty alleviation in countries of origin. Indeed, several studies conclude that migrant remittances play an increasing role in the economies of highmigration countries. However, despite their importance, several gray areas persist regarding the market structure and the utilization of these resources.

The purpose of the study conducted by the African Development Bank is to take stock of the overall financial flows from the Diaspora. It seeks to identify the mechanisms governing the remittances market, the supply and demand determinants, the volume of the flows, as well as the formal and informal channels that exist, their distribution and utilization. It puts into perspective the strategies employed by various actors involved – the migrants, beneficiary households, and other financial operators. The study focuses on 4 target countries, namely Morocco, Senegal, Mali, and the Comoros.

These countries present sharply contrasting economic and sociological characteristics, while sharing strong historic links with the same developed country – France.

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