Morocco: AfDB loans US $134 million to support governance of social protection

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On June 23 in Abidjan, the African Development Bank (AfDB) approved a loan of US $134.65 million in support of social protection in Morocco.

The Social Protection Governance Support Programme (PAGPS, from the French) in Morocco is a sectoral budget support programme for the Kingdom of Morocco. It aims to improve the social protection of Moroccan citizens by strengthening social protection governance arrangements and optimising the use of resources as well as by extending the scope of social protection and improving service quality. In particular, it will make it possible to establish the legislative and regulatory foundations for improved social protection and to support the Moroccan Government’s initiatives through a sectoral policy dialogue in coordination with others of the Kingdom’s development partners.

The programme will contribute in due course to additional progress towards a reduction in poverty and social disparities, through improved and fairer access to social protection benefits and through more efficient and sustainable social protection.

This programme will especially benefit the most vulnerable Moroccans, in particular women, pre-school children, pupils in primary and secondary education, people living with disabilities and workers who have lost their jobs or suffered accidents at work. It will also support the Moroccan Government in its efforts to extend the scope of the national mandatory sickness insurance scheme to self-employed workers.

Partnership and collaboration between the Bank Group and Morocco in social sectors go back over four decades. This new programme complements previous support for reform of basic medical coverage. It brings the value of the Bank’s active portfolio in Morocco to approximately €1.92 billion.

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