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Mozambique: African Development Bank supports new tracking system to create growth-friendly labor market


Mozambique has launched a new statistics-based system to track trends in the labour market sector.   The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Mozambique (MITESS) launched the Labour Market Information System (SIMT) Management Platform on May 9th.

The new system was supported by the African Development Bank under the Job Creation and Livelihood Improvement Project. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) was also a key partner.

The official ceremony was hosted by the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Vitória Diogo, with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Higher Education (MCTESTP), the President of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the Resident Representative of the African Development Bank and the Representative of the International Labour Organization (ILO.  Various other state institutions, the private sector and development partners also attended the event.

SIMT aims to establish a new dynamic in the analysis of the behavior of the sector based on reliable statistics. More importantly, SIMT will enable the government of Mozambique to formulate skills development policies and programs, which will lead to the creation of decent employment opportunities, as well as growth and economic integration.

During the ceremony Diogo said the platform would process information from various sources in an integrated manner, thus making it possible to combine demand and supply data to identify the opportunities and imbalances in the labor market. "It will be possible to consider the competences produced by the institutions of education and training, thus it appears as a reference tool for possible curricular reforms," the minister said.

Toigo said the Bank viewed SMIT as an incorporation of the Country’s Strategy Paper (CSP) 2016-2020, which identifies the investment in human capital as a key issue to increase workforce productivity and the overall competitiveness of the economy. The CSP also ensures that women and young people in particular, can also participate in the growth process. The SIMT information can be accessed through