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Multinational Study for NEPAD Infrastructure Development


Tunis, 19 October 2005 - The African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, has approved a grant of 1.67 million Units of Account* (US$ 2.5 million) to finance a Multinational Medium to Long-term Strategic Framework Study for NEPAD Infrastructure Development (MLSTF).

The overall objectives of the study are to provide a strategic framework for the development of infrastructure on the continent based on coherent strategic goals, to define the criteria for the selection of projects under NEPAD infrastructure programme, as outlined in the Short Term Action Plan (STAP), and to define and set up a monitoring framework to track gaps and progress. An important role of the MLTSF is to foster cross-fertilization and dissemination of good practices among Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and infrastructure developers. It will establish a common vision among all stakeholders on NEPAD infrastructure programmes for the medium and long-term horizon (2015-2020).

The Study will provide the decision makers at the level of NEPAD Secretariat, ADB, RECs, sector organizations as well as development partners, with sufficient information and a strategic framework for monitoring the implementation of infrastructure programmes/projects under the NEPAD framework. It will also propose measures to accelerate the implementation of on-going STAP projects. It is aimed at promoting private sector participation in the financing of infrastructure projects and programmes and also meeting the economic and social aspirations of NEPAD.

The Study will be carried out in two parts. The first part will be implemented over a period of six months, and will deal with the recommendations of the STAP Reviews of 2003 and 2004. It will also identify infrastructure gaps, in the four sub-sectors namely energy, transport, ICT, and water, of particular relevance for African competitiveness.

The second part will be carried out over a period of eight months, and will propose strategic goals and targets and related options to address Africa's infrastructure gaps, and will help RECs and sector organizations to prepare medium to long term strategies and programs to pursue these goals.

The estimated cost of the study is UA 2.602 million, equivalent to US$ 3.90 Million.  The ADF grant will finance 64% of the study while the remaining 36% or UA 0.934 (US$1.4 million) will be financed by the Nigeria Technical Cooperation Fund (NTCF).


- Name of Study: NEPAD - MLTSF Study

- Location: NEPAD Secretariat

- Executing Agency: NEPAD Unit, Temporary Relocation Agency, African Development Bank, 13 Avenue du Ghana, Tunis Belvedere, BP 323, Tunis (Tunisia), Tel: +216 71 102 039, Fax: +216 71 332 694

- Estimated Starting Date: April 2006 - Duration: 60 weeks

-Procurement: Pre-qualification will be announced and short-listed consultants will be invited to submit their proposals as per the Bank Group's Rules of Procurement for the Use of Consultants.

*1UA = US $ 1.44946 as at 01/10/05


Felix Njoku Phone: +216 71 10 26 12