New 50-Dinar Banknote Advertises AfDB-Tunisia Cooperation

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The mega Enfidha airport project, funded by the AfDB, features prominently on a new 50-dinar banknote, the highest current denomination put into circulation in Tunisia on July 25, on the occasion of the country’s Republic Day anniversary celebrations. Thus, the Tunisian Central Bank pays tribute to the € 70-Million airport project being funded by the Bank Group, by reproducing the miniature of the project on one side of the new bill. The 50-dinar bill will be gradually injected into the economy in order to manage domestic currency circulation to the tune of 3 to 4 million notes. Ultimately, the new bill will replace the existing 30-dinar banknote. The Central Bank Governor, Baccar Taouffik cited Tunisia’s major achievements in terms of financial transparency, rising domestic savings and the decline of excess liquidity mop-up operations, among the factors that prompted the to issuance the new Banknote.

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