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New report discusses important role of water in tourism on the African continent


The African Natural Resources Center’s (ANRC) ground-breaking publication, Maximising Benefits from Water for Tourism in Africaillustrates how natural resources are at the heart of Africa’s opportunity, and also the very root of its challenges: The study highlights the need to ensure responsible governance, equity and fair sharing of natural resources if sustainability and security are to be ensured. The Africa-wide study examines these opportunities and challenges in the context of the most basic natural resource of all: water. It uses tourism to show how value can be added, but also how benefits need to be shared to make economic development sustainable. 

Building on the Bank’s Tourism Data for Africa initiative, ANRC has highlighted how tourism can be an effective means of delivering growth based on a renewable natural resource. Tourism’s job creation potential is extensive, and already accounts for over 8% of total employment in Africa. The report also highlights that market needs must be taken into account and resource management strengthened to deliver sustainable benefits.

Using widely varying African case studies and the latest tourism research, the study illustrates the opportunity for economic growth and job creation in this complex natural resource area. Shared water resources are highlighted, as well as Regional Member Countries’ challenges and opportunities. The potential for green growth and inclusive development through improved management of water resources in Africa’s growing tourism industry is illustrated in this report. 


Maximising Benefits from Water for Tourism in Africa