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06/03/2019 - Beauty Matomola is one of the champions of the Government’s Transforming Rural Livelihoods in Western Zambia project, financed by the African Development Bank. A cheerful, energetic 34-year-old single mother of two, she is using her considerable powers of persuasion to help local communities achieve a low cost, high impact project in the region: getting her neighbors to build decent latrines.

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12/02/2019 - The Urgent Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Project Phase II in Zimbabwe, implemented by the African Development Bank, has improved water access for targeted communities with inadequate water supply.

Categories: Zimbabwe, Water Supply & Sanitation, Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund

27/12/2018 - In Africa, as elsewhere, urbanized locations exert pressure on already vulnerable populations impacted by lack of access to potable water supply, sanitation and waste management, energy supply, transport infrastructure and services.

Categories: Egypt, Climate Change, Energy & Power, Infrastructure, Water Supply & Sanitation, COP

14/12/2018 - The African Development Bank has presented the impacts of climate change on water security on the African continent and the importance of investment in water and sanitation infrastructure.

Categories: Climate Change, Water Supply & Sanitation, COP

14/12/2018 - The rise in global temperature poses severe risks to water and sanitation. This includes African countries like Sudan and Niger, who grapple with extreme weather events in the Sahel region.

Categories: Climate Change, Water Supply & Sanitation, COP

28/11/2018 - Thanks to joint efforts by development partners including the African Development Bank, which invested US$45.7 million between 2003 and 2014 in water supply and sanitation projects, Mauritania is working to provide access to drinking water for its 4.3-million population, which regularly suffers severe shortages.

Categories: Mauritania, Water Supply & Sanitation

19/11/2018 - Located 350 kilometres north of Lomé, Sokodé, the second-largest city in Togo, was the epicentre of three cholera outbreaks in 2013. That same year, the African Development Bank made a €1.15 million grant to the city through the African Water Facility, to fund the "Toilets for All in Sokodé" project. There have been no outbreaks of cholera in Sokodé since then.

Categories: Togo, Water Supply & Sanitation

17/10/2018 - The African Development Bank joined the international community in observing Global Handwashing Day on October 15. Global Handwashing Day, organized by the Global Handwashing Partnership, is intended to motivate and mobilize people around the world to improve their handwashing habits. It promotes handwashing with soap at critical points during the day, such as before cooking, eating, feeding others, or after using the toilet. These are key factors in disease prevention and can potentially lead to a 25-50 percent reduction in respiratory and intestinal diseases.

Categories: Water Supply & Sanitation

23/05/2018 - “For every drop of water you waste, you must know that somewhere on earth, someone is desperately looking for a drop of water!” Novelist and thinker Mehmet Murat Ildan’s warning could be referring to the likes of 39-year-old Mercy Chimusoro of Zengeza 3 Extension D, Chitungwiza and her family.

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