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AfDB to Play Central Role in the Implementation of Blair’s Commission Report

27-May-2005 - Mr. Michel Camdessus and Sir Nicolas Stern, respectively Commissioner and Policy and Research Director at the Secretariat of the Commission for Africa, presented the French version of the final Report of the Commission to ADB staff in Tunis on Friday 27 May, 2005. The presentation was attended by a large segment of staff and managers from all departments.

Burkina Faso will host AfDB Group Country Office

17-May-2005 - This ceremony is "a crucial moment in the reinforcement of the cooperation relationships, already excellent, that link the Bank Group to Burkina Faso"; the ABD President said. In the framework of the ADB’s decentralization policy, Burkina Faso is part of a group of 25 countries which will shelter the field offices improving management and follow-up of the Bank projects and programmes and ensuring a better quality of assistance and dialogue to the member countries.

Lancement du rapport BAD / OCDE 2005 : l’Afrique a le vent en poupe

17-May-2005 - Ce rapport, qui en est à sa quatrième édition, confirme une tendance observée par les experts: l’Afrique enregistre ses meilleures performances économiques depuis longtemps. « En 2004, l’activité économique en Afrique a progressé de plus de 5%  et si certains pays sont toujours aux prises avec de graves difficultés – notamment la catastrophe humanitaire du Darfour au Soudan, l’effondrement économique du Zimbabwe et les conflits en Côte d’Ivoire et dans certaines régions du Congo RDC – les perspectives sont plus favorables pour la plupart des...

Stimuler le potentiel de progrès en Algérie, au Maroc et en Tunisie: La Banque Mondiale et la Bad organisent la 1re Table Ronde du Maghreb à Tunis

13-May-2005 - Cette table ronde a pour objectif de susciter un riche débat sur les principaux défis de développement et le programme de réformes économiques dans les pays de la région. Elle a aussi pour objet de favoriser le développement d’une compréhension commune des importantes interactions entre la performance économique et les transformations sociales et de suggérer des axes de réforme et des actions concrètes pour favoriser leur mise en œuvre.

The African Development Bank: past achievements & the future. President Kabbaj speaks…

13-May-2005 - The Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank Group will take place in Abuja from May 18 – 19, 2005. President Omar Kabbaj, who has led the institution since 1995, reflects on the challenges he had to take on when he came into office, on the accomplishments of the last decade, and on the future of the institution. The President has been talking to a number of news organizations as he heads out to Abuja for the 2005 Annual Meetings.

Promoting Private Investments in NEPAD Infrastructure Projects

12-May-2005 - The seminar will (i) provide information on potential private financed NEPAD infrastructure projects, (ii) promote understanding of the global trends and issues in attracting private investment in infrastructure, (iii) discuss private sector actions to promote and implement NEPAD infrastructure projects, (iv) discuss what steps African countries can take to champion public-private partnerships in infrastructure development and (v) discuss the role of MDBs in supporting NEPAD’s goal of increasing private investment in infrastructure.

The AfDB hosts the 10th Regional Seminar of International Comparison Program for Africa in Tunis

02-May-2005 - "Is the number of people living in poverty declining?" The forthcoming International Comparison Program for Africa (ICP-Africa) Seminar on "Data Quality Control",  organized by the African Development Bank (AfDB), to be held in Hammamet, Tunisia on  9-11 May 2005, will intend to provide means to answer this question for the continent. Through ICP - Africa, for the first time, ADB is assessing comparative standards of living for a better future in Africa.

AfDB Supports African Women in Business

18-Apr-2005 - The conference will give the opportunity to (i) exchange experiences and promote networking among key field partners, (ii) raise awareness among stakeholders from all Africa and challenge the existing mind set about "Women in Business" in both the public and private sectors, (iii) discuss implications for donors, institutions and countries on the different issues presented and (iv) come up with concrete recommendations on how to provide more effective support for women entrepreneurship development and businesswomen networking.

Africa’s Financing Requirements for Attaining the MDGs: President Kabbaj advocates increased ODA flows to Africa; further debt reduction; and improved access for Africa’s exports

17-Apr-2005 - Mobilizing the resources required for attaining the MDGs would require a number of complementary actions. Domestically, there is a need to deepen financial and banking sector reforms to enhance domestic resource mobilization. In addition, more attractive conditions for the private sector would need to be put in place to encourage greater private investment from both domestic and external investors.

Development Projects Evaluation in Africa: Key decision-makers meet in Tunis to improve aid efficiency processes

04-Apr-2005 - This High-Level Seminar is organized by the Joint Africa Institute (JAI), in partnership with the Operations Evaluation Departments (OPEV) from the World Bank and the African Development Bank, as well as the Public Service Commission of South Africa.

La BAD et l’Unicef signent un protocole de coopération

01-Apr-2005 - Signé par M. Omar Kabbaj, président du Groupe de la BAD, et par Mme Carol Bellamy, directeur général de l’Unicef (Fonds des Nations unies pour l’enfance), ce protocole permettra de renforcer la coopération entre les deux institutions dans les domaines suivants:

As International Community Observes World Water Day: The AfDB Reaffirms Commitment to Water Development

23-Mar-2005 - The statement noted that despite the central role water plays in national development and poverty reduction, the water sector in Africa is severely underdeveloped, with only 3% of the total renewable water resources exploited for water supply, agriculture and industrial use each year. As a result, nearly 50%, or over 300 million mostly poor people living in rural, peri-urban and urban areas, do not have access to safe water supply and adequate sanitation facilities.

AfDB Group Earmarks More Funds for NEPAD: Focus on infrastructure development to accelerate African integration

04-Mar-2005 - Tunis, 4 March 2005 – The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has earmarked more than 500 million US dollars in 2005 for the financing of new projects within the framework of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, (NEPAD). The proposed funding is in line with the Bank’s efforts to accelerate the development of sub-regional and regional infrastructure, which, along with banking and financial standards within the APRM framework, constitute two key areas in which the ADB has been assigned a leadership role under NEPAD.

AfDB and DFID to Collaborate in Promoting Growth and Poverty Reduction in Africa

04-Mar-2005 - The focus of the MOU, which followed several years of informal partnership, is field level collaboration between the Bank and DFID in the following areas:

AfDB Group Annual Meetings in Abuja: Election of President on the Agenda

03-Mar-2005 - A major item on the agenda of the 40th Annual Meetings of the Bank and the 31st Meetings of the African Development Fund (ADF) will be the election of the 8th President of the Bank Group for a five-year mandate. The elected President will replace Mr. Omar Kabbaj who has led the institution for ten years.

Senior Management Appointments: President Stresses Competence, Youth and Diversity

02-Mar-2005 - Tunis, 1 March 2005 – The President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, Mr. Donald Kaberuka, has announced the appointments of four new Vice Presidents and the Secretary General of the institution. The appointments came at the end of a competitive, global search process that involved some 500 candidates from around the world.

AfDB raises awareness on sustainable energy development: Unveils New Working Plan for Africa

25-Feb-2005 - The overall goal of this workshop was to consult AfDB’s member countries and other key stakeholders in the energy sector on strategies to promote sustainable energy services in Africa with a special focus on assessing their technical assistance and training needs in order to develop appropriate interventions.

7 to seek AfDB Presidency: Steering Committee of Board of Governors Approves List of Candidates

16-Feb-2005 - Tunis, 16 February 2005 – Seven candidates will be running for the office of President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group.

Le Président Kabbaj au Sommet de la CEMAC

11-Feb-2005 - Libreville, 11 février 2005 - A l’invitation de Son Excellence Omar Bongo, Président de la République gabonaise et Président en exercice de la Communauté économique et monétaire d’Afrique centrale (CEMAC), le Président Omar Kabbaj a participé aux travaux de la 6ème Session ordinaire du Conseils des Chefs d’Etat de la CEMAC. A l’ouverture des travaux, il a prononcé un discours dans lequel il a souligné les bonnes performances réalisées par la sous région.

Signature d’accords de financement entre la BAD et le Royaume du Maroc : Près de 5 milliards de dirhams pour le Maroc

07-Feb-2005 - A cette occasion, le président de la Bad, M. Omar Kabbaj, a rappelé que les « approbations cumulées de la Bad au profit du Maroc s’élèvent à ce jour à 6 milliards de $ [environ 50 milliards de dirhams], pour le financement de 79 opérations ». « Un niveau d’engagement, a apprécié le président Kabbaj, qui constitue un indicateur éloquent du dynamisme et de l’exemplarité de la coopération entre la Banque et le Royaume du Maroc, de la convergence des efforts et des attentes pour le développement national. »